Lionel Messi to meet young fan with jersey made out of plastic bag

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 01, 2016 01:26 PM
Lionel Messi to meet young fan with plastic jersey
The Afghanistan Football Federation said that young Murtaza Ahmadi will get to meet his football hero, Lionel Messi. (photo courtesy of Hamayon Ahmadi)

You remember young Murtaza Ahmadi right?

Well, he's the boy with the Leo Messi jersey made out of plastic bag.

And he's about to meet his football idol.

According to EFE via Fox News Latino, the Afghan Football Federations has confirmed that the Barcelona star wants to meet the five-year-old Murtaza.

"The management of the Afghan Football Federation (AFF) has received e-mails from Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona regarding the meeting," AFF spokesperson Syed Ali Kazemi told EFE via Fox News Latino.

Murtaza's photo of him wearing the home-made jersey has captured the heart of the internet.

Last week, CNN's Hilary Whiteman reported that the Murtaza family lives in a rural village in Afghanistan.

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