Global FC victimized by burglars during UFL match

ABS-CBN Sports on May 12, 2016 06:36 PM
Global FC victimized by burglars during UFL match
UFL Champions Global FC were the victims of a robbery during a match against JP Voltes FC, Thursday evening

While reigning UFL Champions Global FC were busy winning at the Rizal Memorial Stadium, Thursday afternoon, it appears burglars were also busy raiding their stuff inside the locker rooms.

According to ABS-CBN Sports football anchor Bob Guerrero on Twitter, Global FC had returned to their locker room after defeating JP Voltes FC, 4-0, only to find that their cellphones had been stolen. 

Later investigation revealed that not only phones were taken, but also other valuable belongings such as laptops and wallets. 

Guerrero later on tweeted that a passport was also stolen, one player lost six thousand pesos worth of cash and that this wasn't the first time that it happened to the Pinoy football club, saying that the same also happened last year. 

Reports will be filed regarding the incident. 

More on this story as details become available. 



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