Get to know: Heartthrobs of UAAP 2nd sem sports (Part 2)

Barry Viloria on Mar 31, 2015 03:01 PM
Get to know: Heartthrobs of UAAP 2nd sem sports (Part 2)
(Maureen Schrijvers photo courtesy of Lyka Orhel)

MANILA, Philippines – Before the second semester comes to an end, we pay tribute once more to the standouts of the UAAP season that has recently passed. Of course, it’s not just the men who have stood heroic and handsome after all that sports bloodshed—meet some of the heroines of the past games who are definitely beauty and brawn combined!


Kali Navea-Huff, UP Lady Booters

Age: 19

Year/course: 2nd/Sports Science

Idol in the sport: “In general, my idol is Tiger Woods. But my soccer idol would be Abby Wambach, with 178 international goals!”

Ultimate dream in life: “To be a lawyer-soccer player mom!”

Remaining years in the UAAP starting SY 2015-2016: 3

Instagram: @kalihuff

The younger of UP’s Huff sisters, Kali easily strikes with her tisay features and competitive aura. Before football, she was actually a chess player winning four championships for her age group back in her native Bakersfield in California. She eventually moved to play track and field, and it was only when her dad signed her up for a football camp that she focused on working the pitch. “My dad would always bring me to train with my older sister, so I never played in my age group,” she says. She played for the Poveda High School team once she moved to the Philippines in fifth grade, came back to play competitively California for a year, and moved back here again to play with the the U16 and U19 Women’s National Soccer Teams and AFC Qualifiers in Malaysia, Myanmar. Passionate for her school, Kali was instrumental in the women’s football finals—the first one in 10 years for UP. “Nothing makes me prouder than representing the Maroons, so it’s all about the work you put in during training, during the games, and when no one is looking!”


Dennise Lazaro, Ateneo Lady Spikers

Age: 23

Year/course: Recent graduate of Biology

Idol in the sport: “Charo Soriano and Alyssa Valdez!”

Ultimate dream in life: “To live a fulfilling life!”

Instagram: @denniselazaro


Did you know that the resident heartthrob of the Ateneo Lady Spikers tried out ballet when she was younger? “But I didn’t like it,” Dennise reveals. So, instead, she tried her hand in volleyball in fourth grade and would see herself growing in the sport. Dennise was a member the Colegio San Agustin varsity team up to her senior year in high school. By then, she would be joining various leagues like the WVL, ISSA, Shakey's G-League, and Palarong Pambansa. She also tried out for the RP Youth team in her third year in high school, and that was when she started playing libero as a reserve player. Fast forward to her playing for the blue squad, Dennise has hoisted the former underdogs to a new label: back-to-back champs. While she has no definite plans after her recent graduation, she hopes to still play volleyball one way or another. “Volleyball is the one thing I'm really good at. It's a way for me to show and share my talent to others. In a way, I guess it's a way for me to inspire other people,” she wraps it up. Now, if only she would reveal more about her and La Revilla being an item…


Maureen Schrijvers, DLSU Lady Tracksters

Year/course: 3rd/AB Psychology

Idol in the sport: “I don’t have one! (Laughs)”

Ultimate dream in life: “To be successful in whatever I choose in the future, my sport, or modeling.”

Remaining years in the UAAP starting SY 2015-2016: 2

Instagram: @mauemily

Her sweet face and svelte form would clue you in on her being a part-time model. But Maureen, of Belgian and Chinese origins, is actually more of an athlete. “Since grade 1, I would be running around with the boys in the quadrangle. My mom would always get mad at me because I would go home with broken leather school shoes,” she recalls her getting into track and field. Her childhood mischief would soon result to a competitive streak once she played the sport. She won 1st place in all her events in her very first track competition; she represented St. Stephen’s High School from fifth grade to her senior year in high school; and she competed in Palarong Pambansa in 2012 representing Team NCR, winning five golds in all her events and breaking the high jump record for secondary girls at 1.62m. (This was after her 24.5 seconds record for the elementary girls 200m dash, which she got back in sixth grade.) For this, Maureen eventually obtained a scholarship from La Salle. In the recent UAAP women's high jump, this #ladyboss won a silver despite an injury.

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