Maria Ozawa bares athletic past

Barry Viloria on Jun 24, 2015 04:21 PM
Maria Ozawa bares athletic past
“I used to play (ice) hockey in middle school!” --- Maria Ozawa revealed (photo courtesy of Cherry Pineda,

MANILA, Philippines – Of all the things she’s bared about her (or, ehem, of her), it’s the trivia about her sporty past that got us more interested about former adult film star Maria Ozawa.

“I used to play (ice) hockey in middle school!” Ozawa revealed—rather proudly—to ABS-CBN Sports in a one-on-one interview yesterday.

We found ourselves chatting up with the 29-year-old actress clad in an off-shoulder top and full skirt, a picture most of her fans, who followed her in her stint in Japanese adult videos, wouldn’t easily imagine her in. She is here in the country to promote her upcoming Filipino action-horror “Nilalang (The Entity)”—her first mainstream role in the Philippines to be shown at the Metro Manila Film Festival this year.

While no one would have pegged the former Japan Audio Video (JAV) star as the athletic type, Ozawa went on about her sporty youth, “It was for high school and middle school, so maybe that was about six years.”

And, yes, all those playing years she spent as part of the school hockey varsity team.

Ozawa actually picked up the sport from a family member.

“I went to the same school with my aunts. And one of my aunts was the goalkeeper, and she used to tell me stories about being a goalkeeper,” she narrated.

“I think it was super fun, so when I went to that school and saw the uniform—my first impression was it was really cute! Second impression, it was for diet, too. Because we (used to) run around for two kilometers everyday (for training), so it made me (keep) in shape and fit and cute!”

See, hockey is actually a big sport in Japan, with the now-defunct four decades-spanning, annually-held Japan Ice Hockey League, and the inter-East Asia countries hockey league Asian League Ice Hockey. That, and maybe because of Ozawa’s Canadian roots (her father is French-Canadian).

Whatever happened to Ozawa playing hockey now—obviously, it didn’t pan out maybe because of her, well, career. The only thing about athleticism the retired adult film star is left with now? Keeping fit. She owes much of her (still) well-admired physique to this kind of discipline.

“I still go to the gym three times a week,” she said.

From where we sat during our fun chat, we still saw much of where that hard work went.

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