Get to know: Athlete beauty queen Christine Balaguer

Barry Viloria on Jun 29, 2015 03:59 PM
Get to know: Athlete beauty queen Christine Balaguer
(Photos courtesy of Christine Balaguer)

MANILA, Philippines – It’s always interesting to hear of legit athletes (you know what we mean) making it big even outside their sports. Just recently, there’s Christine Balaguer, professional model and one of the head-turners at the Miss Manila 2015 where she won first runner-up.

Mostly admired as the “deaf mute beauty queen,” Christine was an athlete first before joining pageants and walking the runway. Her slender physique, she owes to water sports including swimming and rowing, running in marathons, football, and yoga. In fact, she is also part of the Dragon Boat Paddlers.

As a kid, Christine favored watching international swimming competitions and the Olympics on TV and was “fascinated by the very high standard in swimming.”

She narrates, “I started swimming at a very young age and have been training (in swimming) to this very day. I fell in love with swimming because no equipment is needed to join swimming competitions. I also like the fact that, in swimming, all depends on the person. Swimming is not a team sport so there are no excuses for losing.”

She especially likes how swimming has helped developed her endurance and strength.

“But the most important is the mental training—for example, how to deal with pain and thoughts of giving up during a race. And to totally focus on a competition. I also train endurance through running marathons.”

As an athlete, Christine can get very competitive, too.

“I try to win and not just to join a competition. Winning is the best part of it. Not only against competitors but also against oneself,” she declares.

Christine especially relies on sports to keep that body—what’s the word—tight.  

“I will always do sports at every age because it keeps me fit. I always invite others to train with me and enjoy the competition and the outdoors. I just recently joined and finished a 42km marathon. I train paddling with my team several times a week. We join races from time to time.”

Perhaps, it’s this sense of “iron discipline” that has kept Christine at the top of her game. This is also despite her disabilities, making her a real role model to look up to.

“I am an active member of a church. I help children and the less fortunate,” she says about what she does in her free time.


Name: Christine Balaguer

Age: 25

Birthday: November 12, 1989

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Hobbies: “I do not like to go out to clubs. I don’t like alcohol and smoking. I like a healthy lifestyle. I would rather watch a movie in the cinema or at home on TV. I also like to read books about other countries and cultures. I get engaged for photos hoots very often and enjoy modeling. But I am also interested in fashion photography myself.

Her ultimate dream: My ultimate dream in life is to become a productive member of society despite me being deaf.



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