Sports guys speak: What do we look for in a UAAP courtside reporter?

Barry Viloria on Jul 13, 2015 05:28 PM
What sports guys look for in UAAP courtside reporters
Sportscasters on the job: Anton Roxas and Ateneo's Laura Lehmann (Photo courtesy of Anton's Instagram: @antonroxas)

Because of my job, I got lucky to have met some of the biggest courtside reporters of our time. (I even made some good friends out of them, so envy on. Lol.) From the likes of TV Patrol’s Gretchen Fullido and ABS-CBN Sports + Action’s Tina Marasigan to Magic 89.9’s Andi Manzano and Riki Flores to character actress Dimples Romana (yes, she reported from the UST sidelines back in Season 63!), I’d be repeating myself if I say the job is a good stepping stone towards a media or showbiz career. (So, yeah, I just repeated myself.)

But looking for a UAAP courtside reporter isn’t easy, if you ask Diana Sayson, executive producer for ABS-CBN Sports, who has been on the annual hunt since 2000.

“She or he must be personable, intelligent, smart, quick thinking, curious, and must be willing to learn either with supervision and on their own. She or he has to be a good representative of the generation.”

Gasp, big words!

But I guess, in general, being guys, we just like our courtside reporter to be pretty, not barok, and able to rock a cute pep uniform at the Cheerdance Competition like a pop star? Nah. Even guys like us don’t (always) think that way. In fact, let us not discriminate here: The courtside job is open to guys as well. (Likewise, the UAAP maintains a roster of successful guys who were once courtside reporters. To name a few, there are Nikko Ramos, Job de Leon, and Aaron Atayde!)

So, how do we know when we’ve found the next courtside reporter? I went ahead and sought fellows of the same beat and species for their personal criteria when looking for one. If you think you’ve got the wit and confidence, yet somehow you’re still feeling iffy about auditioning, this may help you come out of your shell and try the courtside experience out!

PS You have four more days before the deadline of submission!

Boom Gonzales, GameDay host: “Other than the obvious that most people look for, we also look for someone with a positive vibe. Someone who exudes just the right amount of confidence and charm. Obviously, a sports background is essential if possible. But, even if not, as long as he or she has the ability to soak up learning—someone who can adjust on the fly, someone who can think on his or her own feet, and someone who has the drive to be better every time. Which includes accepting good and bad feedback. Someone who has the right attitude, and is getting into it for the right reasons—not just to be popular or known.”

Marco Benitez, UAAP analyst and ABS-CBN Sports + Action host/anchor: “I'd be looking for someone who speaks well, knows what he/she is talking about, and game to really get to know the team/players he/she is covering.”

Anton Roxas, NCAA analyst and ABS-CBN Sports + Action host/anchor: “The first thing I look for is the commitment to do the job and to do it the right way. Courtside reporting is a rare privilege that should not be taken for granted. If I see that the CSR is determined to learn about the sport and the team she is covering, then she has a good chance of performing well. Of course, it's a huge plus if she's got the looks!”

Mikee Reyes, NCAA analyst and Foton Tornadoes point guard: “Well, obviously, the first thing you notice is how they look. The day they get introduced at the press con, you would kinda judge already which ones you wanna watch. Ha ha! But when the games actually start, that’s when you really know who's good as a courtside reporter and who's just a pretty face. Personally, I like listening to those whom you feel they know what they’re talking about. Unlike those who just read from what their index cards. Ha ha!”

Lorenzo Manguiat, editor-in-chief: “I was involved with the courtside auditions the past 7 years. So, generally, I have the same thoughts with Diana. For me, they have to be charming, sensible, cheerful, and energetic!”

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