Ex-NFL player's mistress kidnaps then kills his wife, herself

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 21, 2015 06:20 PM
Ex-NFL player's mistress kidnaps and kills his wife, herself
Buster Barnett's mistress first abducted his wife before killing her and herself. (Aerial shot of the scene of the crime from KHOU 11 News Houston's Twitter account @KHOU)

In a sad development that looked like a scene straight out of a movie, a former NFL player's mistress kidnapped and killed the wife and herself.

According to a report published by ESPN, Lisa Brown, 46, was apparently jealous that former Buffalo Bills tight end Buster Barnett was taking his wife, Sandra, to a trip in Las Vegas.

Brown went to Barnett's home in Ellenwood, Georgia and abducted the 50-year-old Sandra.

Sherrif's deputies in west Georgia then spotted an SUV that belonged to Brown and a chased ensued along Interstate 20 into Alabama according to Clayton County police.

Also according to authorities, Brown grabbed a gun from the backseat and shot Barnett before killing herself.

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