Trending Tuesday: The rise of "Crying Michael Jordan"

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 26, 2016 04:33 PM
Trending Tuesday: The rise of
You can barely get over one notable sporting event without seeing at least one "Crying Michael Jordan" meme. (Photo via Complex)

The internet is a funny place and now, one photo is dominating the online world every time a notable sports event is taking place.

Yes you guessed right, that photo is crying Michael Jordan.

Well it all started when the GOAT gave his Hall of Fame speech in 2009.

You see, in that speech, Jordan shed quite a few tears (tears of joy actually) while remembering his amazing career.

And then boom, the crying Michael Jordan face meme was born.

It took a while for it to catch up but now the meme is at the height of its collective powers.

See a few samples below and enjoy.














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