Michael Phelps got Katie Ledecky's autograph at Rio

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 16, 2016 01:23 PM
Michael Phelps got Katie Ledecky's autograph at Rio
Michael Phelps is a fan of Katie Ledecky. We all should be fans of Katie Ledecky. (From Katie Ledecky's official Facebook page)

USA swimming will lose a mega star in Michael Phelps after the 2016 Rio Olympics but Katie Ledecky looks poised to take over that role for the mighty Americans.

She very well may do so and she already has Phelps' approval.

The 19-year-old long-distance specialist won five medals in Rio, four of them gold.

And in what can only be seen as a great passing of the torch moment, both Phelps and Ledecky recreated a photo from 10 years ago.

The only difference is that it's Phelps, the greatest Olympian of all time, is the one seeking Ledecky's autograph.

Phelps added to his impressive career at the Rio Games, pushing his Olympic gold medals to 23 and 28 overall.

The Baltimore native will be retiring after Rio but it looks like he's leaving USA swimming to a potential mega star in Katie Ledecky.

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