The Push Awards was a whole new experience for Alyssa Valdez and Thirdy Ravena

Santino Honasan on Oct 20, 2016 04:25 PM
Push Awards was a whole new experience for Alyssa, Thirdy
"Parang first game. First ever game in the UAAP na nanginginig yung tuhod mo, kasi you don't know what to do talaga, and you're not familiar with the environment." - Alyssa Valdez on being onstage as a presenter

“I have NO idea what I’m gonna do. It’s the first time, I was told about this just hours ago, and I just hope it all goes well."  

Thirdy Ravena said, as he was backstage at the Dolphy Theater, rehearsing his lines. Just hours earlier, the high-flying Blue Eagle helped Ateneo to a win over UE. In a matter of moments, he was about to take on a whole new challenge. 

"I don’t wanna mess up, I just wanna do it for the people who are watching, the people who are supporting, and of course everyone who came out.” 

Thirdy was about to go onstage, alongside Alyssa Valdez to help present a batch of awards at the 2016 Push Awards. For the two, this was a whole new experience. 

Alyssa had already gone onstage earlier, accepting the Push Awards' first ever Popular Sports Personality award. But still, accepting and presenting at two different things. 

"Pansin mo hindi ko alam kung ano isasagot ko?" Alyssa said with a hint of nervousness. They were after all, about to go out in front of a handfull of excited, screaming JaDine, KathNiel, and other celebrity fans. "Nakaka-rattle, in a way, kasi we're not used to this naman eh." 

Well, there's always a first time for everything, and the two athletes went on stage and did their part well, playing to the crowd as they read and announced the winners of the batch of awards they were tasked to present. (It all went to Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, by the way.)

"We didn't know na yung big stars talaga yung aawardan namin," Alyssa said after their hosting gig. "We thought we were just going to read, tapos yun na." 

"We though na simple lang, biglang andun lahat nung sikat na love teams," Thirdy added. "It's a surreal feeling, kasi it's my first time to do it, it was in front of a great crowd, all these people na involved with the enterainment industry, it's an honor." 

For Alyssa, who's already past her UAAP career and is staring at a whole bunch of opportunities for the future, she says that this is something she can maybe take a stab at, and follow the footstep of another former Lady Eagle who's now one of ABS-CBN's most active personalities, Gretchen Ho. 

"Ako, graduate na din ako, so this is one way na you can look into all the possibilites, kung ano yung gusto mong gawin diba?" 

She added that having Thirdy there was a big help. 

"I'm happy din na si Thirdy yung kasama ko, comfortable din." 

"Parehas kaming hindi marunong." Thirdy interjected with a laugh. 

Even so, the mult-time MVP, who's faced pressure-packed situations time and time again in her volleyball career, likened the new experience to her first ever UAAP game. 

"Parang first game. First ever game in the UAAP na nanginginig yung tuhod mo, kasi you don't know what to do talaga, and you're not familiar with the environment."

So what was more nerve-racking? A UAAP game or presenting at an award show such as the Push Awards? 

"Yun, yun! Sure! One hundred percent, yun." Thirdy exclaimed, referring to being onstage at the Push Awards. 

"It's a fun experience, being able to go out of our comfort zone." Alyssa added. 

When asked if the two would go onstage again, given the opportuntity, the response was simple. 

"Why not?" 

With Alyssa's steadily growing popularity, and with Thirdy, who's also making a name for himself in the UAAP, it's not far off that either of these two stars of the sporting world will get another go-around at something like this. 


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