Jawo and other sports personalities pay tribute to the late Ronnie Nathanielsz

ABS-CBN Sports on Nov 14, 2016 08:03 PM
Jawo and other sports personalities pay tribute to Ronnie
"My sincerest condolence and deepest symphaty to the family. We lost a great pillar of sports journalism." --- Robert Jaworski on the late Ronnie Nathanielsz.

Philippine sports lost a pillar last weekend after veteran sportscaster Ronnie Nathanielsz passed away Saturday, November 11.

Nathanielsz died in San Francisco after suffering a heart attack a week before. He was 81.

Different sporting personalities have since paid their respects and tribute to the late Ronnie Nathanielsz, below are some of them.

Robert Jaworski, PBA living legend: I am extremeley saddened by RN's passing. During the PBA Ginebra championship game, Ronnie gave me a tight hug and told me that he had won over his cancer battle which I was aware of. Now, the news of his passing . . . .

Ronnie Nathanielsz' reportage exuded so much passion, conviction, integrity, and knowledge. A consequence of an open mind, life-long interaction and true appereciation of real life situations. My sincerest condolence and deepest symphaty to the family. We lost a great pillar of sports journalism.

Ricky Vargas, ABAP President: I am really saddened by the passing of my good friend Ronnie. Not many of you know I get a call from Ronnie almost everyday and some times more than once. We oblige each other with 15 minute conversations on sports, business and even politics. Ronnie did not ask me for anything just friendship and a listening ear. He loved the country equal too or more than most Filipinos. His integrity is beyond question.

I lost a phone pal, friend, mentor and adviser. We lost a fighter journalist who did not bow to anyone and compromised his principle. He told me many times he could have been richer financially and had more friends if he compromised a bit. But he did not, he spoke his truth. God bless you my dear friend.

Dennis Principe, Boxing analyst: When I saw him regularly, sa small time cards, sabi ko, grabe ang mama na ito, talagang ang passion for the sport at di lang sa bigtime cards. Regularly I see him na pumupunta sa not known na mga laban so dun talaga una pa lang iba na ang respeto ko talaga kay Ronnie Nathanielsz.

Yung pagiging frank even though brutal pero kadalasan totoo, di ka nya paiikutin if he sees someting na dapat itama at mali ay talagang sasabihin sayo. Its his way of improving the character of someone na kausap nya lalo na sa mga bata na tulad namin, he will tell you kung ano mali.

Direk Abet Ramos, ABS-CBN Sports: Mr. Ronnie is one of the boys because we are partly his family compared to his first family. He treats us not just as colleagues but as family members and during coverages we do our work, we go out and we will miss Ron, he is really a fun guy.

He was fun to work with as friend, mentor, and colleague. It was easy and there was no tension because we know each other, we know how he wants us to work, he is a perfectionist and we try to meet his standards.

Direk Al Neri, ABS-CBN Sports: I have a lot of memories with Mr. Ronnie, I was with him when we went to Sri Lanka we covered the Azkals, that was for the World Cup qualifier, he was our analyst. It was memorable because that's the land of his birth, he was really very happy he was able to visit his country, his homeland after how many years of staying in Philippines. He was proud of the places, the people, and the quality of sports in Sri Lanka.

If your call time is 1 hour before, he comes 2 hours before. He comes very prepared for work, he guides you and he gives you a chance when you falter so I guess a lot of people do not see that in him but I saw that in him.

Peter Musngi, "the voice of ABS-CBN": Ronnie has been in sports business for decades, he started in 60s and can you imagine we are in 2016 and he is still considered as one of the major sports analysts and writers in the Philippines. 

He is also one of the more prominent Filipino writers being read by people around the world. The fact that he has stayed on top for decades is a testament to his dedication and commitment to always be the best in whatever he does.

Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News: I was about 12 years old I was playing tennis for the Philippines, Ronnie covered me as an athlete and he wrote stories about me. I remember he would always tell me na 'oh you're not good as your sisters, your sisters are better than you they are more talented but you're hardworking so you might succeed.'

I'm really going to miss him, I'm really gonna miss him. Parang like a dad na rin it's hard to imagine doing coverages without him. Ronnie I'm gonna miss you so much, thank you so much and you're such a belessing from God that our paths crossed not just when I was an athlete but now I'm a journalist. Always gonna have the work ethic that you showed in my heart.

Rest in peace, Ronnie Nathanielsz.

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