3 Helpful tips to ace your first trail run

ABS-CBN Sports on May 15, 2017 06:52 PM
3 Helpful tips to ace your first trail run
Last stretch of the morning trail run.

A two-day weekend camp helped participants from different backgrounds ignite their enthusiasm for trail running, with demonstrations presented by long-time veterans in the field last May 6 to 7, 2017 at Basekamp in Rizal.

To cap off the weekend, a run around the trails of Rizal was led by Merrell’s ambassador and Camp Director Thumbie Remigio, Sandi Menchi and Manolito Divina. The three shared their knowledge on how to best tackle uphills and downhills and other practical tips on how to conquer the trails. 

The Merrell Pilipinas Trail Running Camp offered some helpful tips for runners so they can make the most of their runs.

Here are some of their best advice: 

1.) Research is key

Simon Sandoval elaborating on how to prepare well for a race.

It may be impossible to control the weather but you can be clever about it! Researching on the climate of the race venue and asking other runners who have completed the course are some ways you can prepare well for your next trail run. Simon Sandoval and Alex Yap shared their numerous experiences of international races and how they geared up for it. Some of the practical tips they mentioned were: wear layers instead of bulky clothes, keep moving to generate warmth, get out of windy spots immediately and be creative on how you can protect yourself from the unpredictable weather.


2.) Strategize your nutrition

Jeri Chua explaining how to be strategic with nutrition.

Everyone is built differently and Jeri Chua knows that. Ultrarunner, mountain-lover and a nutritionist, Chua has experimented with different techniques on how to planone’s nutritional intake. She gave tips on hydration (drink at least 24-48 hours prior the race, replenish the fluid you lost and consume sufficient water after the race to recover), the advantages and purpose of each nutritional component (fluid and electrolytes, carbohydrates, fat and protein) and her personal experiences in the different races she has conquered. One quirky tip that Chua shared with participants was to, “Never make any decision on your own when you’re tired as it will probably be a bad one.”


3.) Pack the Essentials

Bring a first aid kit so one can help a fellow runner while out on the trail.

When racing, it is important to note that you pack light but have the essentials and the right gear with you. Consider the race route, the average time one finishes the race, and the weather among others and prepare accordingly. Bring enough hydration, a first aid kit, enough layers to fight off the cold and nutrition to fuel you along the course.

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