WATCH: Muay Thai fighter gets a dent elbowed into his forehead

Santino Honasan on Dec 20, 2017 11:04 AM
Muay Thai fighter gets a dent elbowed into his forehead
THAT'S GOTTA HURT. (Photo courtesy of Jonny Betts on Facebook/Instagram)

Today's WTF moment comes all the way from Phuket, Thailand, where a Muay Thai fighter gets a massive crater elbowed onto his forhead. 

French fighter Jeremy Balasse was fighting at the Patong Boxing Stadium in Phuket, when he found himself on the recieving end of a brutal upward elbow strike. 

What's amazing was that Balasse appeared to be unfazed by the shot and kept on fighting. The referee stopped the fight only when he realized that THERE WAS A FREAKING CRATER on Balasse's forhead. 

That, my friends, is a skull fracture, so you can just imagine the amount of force that went into that elbow from hell. 

According to teammate Jonny Betts, Balasse is out of the hospital after undergoing surgery, repairing the crater/fracture with a titanium plate. 

As per Betts' post, thankfully there was no brain damage. 

Cheers to you, Jeremy. You are a true warrior! Hoping for a speedy recovery!  

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