Xavier sports history, immortalized in a book to be released 2019

Danine Cruz on Aug 06, 2018 02:28 PM
Xavier sports history, immortalized in a book to be released
Golden: A Celebration of the Xavier Golden Stallions

If one checks the current basketball landscape of the Philippines, it is remarkable that Xavierians abound both in the professional and collegiate ranks. Whether it is a player or a coach, a lot of our current Filipino players have donned a blue-and-gold jersey back when they were students.

Stories like these are what can be found in the upcoming Xavier sports book, Golden: A Celebration of the Xavier Golden Stallions. The book will be a compilation of anecdotes and oral historical accounts from Xavier athletes and coaches across all sports, not only basketball.

"The past 20 years, we have been hearing a lot of people say, 'This athlete is from Xavier pala.' We wanted all these people, who are not sure what Xavier is in the athletic world, to give them a better picture," said project manager Kenneth Ti in the press conference held Monday in Xavier School.

The people behind this first-of-its kind coffee table book aims to share the Xavier values that honed Xavier athletes to what they are right now.

Present in the presser are current Ateneo Blue Eagles, Isaac Go and Tyler Tio.

Go and Tio studied in Xavier from nursery to high school and credit their alma mater for most of their basketball knowledge.

"We started from a very young age, our work ethic is already instilled in us tapos I think it just carried on throughout high school, I guess the hard work turned us to better players," Tio from batch 2016 said.

"Being a student-athlete was already instilled upon us at a very young age. As an athlete [in Xavier] we really didn't get benefits, you just become an athlete because you want to represent the school. The only honor you get is you get to wear the jersey with Xavier in the front," Go who graduated 2014, added.

At this point, the book is still in the writing and research process with writer Rick Olivares commissioned to lead. They plan to cover all Xavierian sports from basketball to football, from swimming to badminton.

Golden will be available to the public February 2019.


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