ASIAN GAMES: P6 million incentive awaits Pinoy gold medalist

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 21, 2018 07:13 PM
ASIAN GAMES: P6 million incentive awaits Pinoy gold medalist
The cash incentive for any Pinoy gold medalist in the Jakarta Palembang Asian Games now climbs to P6 million.

JAKARTA --- Filipino athletes got another million-peso reason to shoot for the 2018 Asian Games gold.

Philippine Ambassador to Indonesia Lee Hoong Wee pledged an additional P1 million to a Filipino gold medalist, bringing the total cash windfall to P6 million.

The additional incentive goes with the P1 million assured by businessman-sportsman Dennis Uy through his Siklab Pilipinas Sports Foundation, the P2 million cash bonus from the Philippine Olympic Committee and the P2 million that the government has promised through Republic Act 10699, which expands the coverage of incentives granted to national athletes and coaches.

The government is also putting up a bonus of P500,000 for a silver medalist and P300,000 for the bronze achiever.

Silver medalists will also have an additional bonus of P500,000 from the Siklab Foundation, on top of the government offer of P1 million and the POC incentive of P500,000.

For the bronze winners, the foundation offers P250,000, to go with the government bonus of P400,000 and P300,000 from the POC.

With so much support coming in for elite athletes, Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William Ramirez said they can now focus on their work in grassroots sports development and leave the elite program to the Philippine Olympic Committee and the national sports associations.

“I am expecting the hard work on grassroots to greatly affect us. We will continue to do this. Because by strengthening the grassroots, we will strengthen the elite athletes,” said Ramirez.

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