Tolentino calls for POC election, Board confident with Romasanta

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 19, 2019 08:25 PM
POC chair Tolentino calls for election, Board says no need
Philippine Olympic Committee Board wants Joey Romasanta to finish resigned president Ricky Vargas' term but chairman Abraham Tolentino will call for a special election.

Philippine Olympic Committee chairman Abraham Tolentino announced his intention on Wednesday to call for a special election for the position of president vacated by Ricky Vargas.  

Tolentino plans to formally announce this during the scheduled general assembly on June 25.

Vargas resigned from the post he won from a re-election February last year against Peping Cojuangco after granting an audience with the majority of the POC Board on Tuesday. He was replaced by 1st Vice president Joey Romasanta.

According to Tolentino, under the POC Bylaws Article 7, Section 6 ‘a special election may be called by the Chairman within 30 days from the date the vacancy arises if the named successors - 1st VP and 2nd VP - are not qualified to succeed.’

The Bylaws also said that these two officers must possess the qualifications of a POC President. Among others, they must be an incumbent President of an Olympic Sport-NSA.’

Romasanta is vice President of volleyball while 2nd vice president Antonio Tamayo is president of Soft Tennis, which is not an Olympic sport. Romasanta was elected vice-president last year while holding the position on volleyball president before he was replaced by Peter Cayco during the association’s election.

However, as far as the Board is concerned, calling for an election too close to the country’s hosting of the Southeast Asian Games in November is not their priority.

“Under our bylaws, unless the 1st vice president or the successor is not qualified then you need to call for a special elections on this one. But considering the length of time right now, we have asked the president already to stay on and finish the SEA Games,” said POC spokesperson Atty. Clint Aranas.

“We are avoiding an election at this point in time to depoliticize because we want to get our hands dirty to work already for the SEA Games,” added Aranas.

The Board insisted that Romasanta is qualified for the position.

“Under out bylaws actually he is already qualified to be the president but he will serving only the term on Mr. Vargas,” said Aranas.

“I think we can tackle the qualifications through a committee on this one and the committee will come up with a report if he is qualified or not,” he added. “But at the meantime as the qualified 1st vice president he can act as the president right now.”

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