Monster alligator roams Florida golf course

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 03, 2016 11:00 AM
Monster alligator roams Florida golf course
Might as well be the last living dinosaur on Earth. (screenshot from Youtube via

If you want to be like Stephen Curry and play golf on the side, you might want to make sure that no dinosaurs roam around your chosen course.

Videos online have been making rounds about a giant alligator just casually chilling at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Florida.

Check that, that might as well be the last surviving dinosaur on Earth, it has to be.

In this video shared by and is credited to Chris Helm, you can clearly see the giant alligator doing his thing on the course.

Wow. Good thing alligators don't run that fast on land.

The monster of a creature was estimated to be close to 15 feet long. Here's another perspective of the same alligator via Youtube user K Powell.

Check your golf course people.

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