MMA fighter dances in the middle of a fight, gets knocked the heck out

ABS-CBN Sports on Feb 21, 2017 05:10 PM
MMA fighter dances mid-fight, gets knocked out

If you've seen enough MMA fights on TV, you've probably heard the commentators say the phrase "intelligently defend yourself" over and over again. 

Intelligently defending yourself basically means putting your hands up and keeping from getting hit.  

This next fellow, however, decided to showboat, and paid for it with his consciousness. 

Meet Joe Harding, an 8-3 amateur fighter out of England. Last weekend, Harding fought an up-and-coming Frenchman named Johan Segas at a British Challenge MMA show in Essex, England. 

Being the more experience dude, Harding decided to toy with Segas, dancing all throughout the fight. 

In the second round however, after going for a jab, instead of returing to a defensive stance, Harding decided to bust out some dance moves. 

Segas, presumably pissed off at this point, saw an opening, and boy did he capitalize, introducing Harding's chin to his shin. 

Harding dropped faster than your favourite crappy DJ drops the beat, and he was out. 

That's lesson number one, kids. Always keep your hands up. 

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