MMA fighter gets choked out, comes back to KO opponent

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 21, 2017 10:16 AM
MMA fighter gets choked out, comes back to KO opponent
(Screencap from the ACB Youtube Channel)

As many awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping moments there are in the very unpredictable sport of mixed martial arts, there are also tons of instances where you're left saying "What?"

This week's weird MMA moment comes to us all the way from Turkey, at Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB) 64. 

In the bantamweight co-main event, Russia's Nashko Galaev took on Kazakhstan's Denis Mutsnek, and early on, Galaev found himself in some very deep trouble. 

Pinned against the cage, Galaev was trapped in a guillotine choke, and appeared to have passed out, as his body went limp. 

Just as the referee was checking on him, Galaev suddenly sprung back to consciousness and ended up surviving the deep submission attempt. 

Here's where it gets crazier.

Later that round, with the fighters back on their feet, Galaev made the most of his 'second life' so to speak, by landing a fight-ending knee flush on Mutsnek's jaw, just as the Kazakh was shooting in for another takedown. 

That was Galaev's second-straight knockout win coming by way of knees. 

From getting briefly choked out, to scoring a walk-off knee knockout, Galaev had himself a pretty interesting night, all less than a five-minute round. 

Check out the entire fight below: 


Credits go to Twitter user @Jolassanda and The ACB YouTube channel. 

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