VIDEO: MMA fighter makes opponent tap out using a pro-wrestling finishing move

MMA fighter makes opponent tap using a pro-wrestling move
BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! (Screen grab from the FCC: Full Contact Contender YouTube channel:

The next time someone tells you that professional wrestling is fake, show them this video. 

Over the weekend, English mixed martial artist Jonno Mears scored only the second win of his young MMA career, and how he did it recently became viral. 

After stuffing a takedown from his opponent Aaron Jones, Mears, managed to grab his opponents legs and execute an elevated Boston Crab, or more popularly known among WWE fans as the "Walls of Jericho", as made popular by WWE superstar Chris Jericho. 

Here's Jericho using it inside the WWE ring. 

What's even more impressive/crazy is that Mears actually got his opponent to tap out. 

Check it out: 

While it is a WWE finishing move, the Walls of Jericho puts pressure on your lower back and spine, bending it towards the opposite direction, and that definitely hurts. 

Jericho himself got wind of the insane win, and it looks like he liked what he saw: 

Good stuff. 

A little reminder for aspiring MMA fighters though, what Mears pulled off is likely a once-in-a-blue-moon incident, so don't go trying to win your fights by putting people in Figure Fours or trying to hit your opponents with an RKO out of nowhere. It won't work...

...although there was that one time when Rampage Jackson won via powerbomb back in the PRIDE FC days. 



H/T: FCC: Full Contact Contender on YouTube 

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