Fil-Brit Karter Blazing Through Speedways in Southeast Asia

Santino Honasan on Dec 30, 2014 03:16 PM
Fil-Brit Karter Alex Dimaano Brown Blazing Through Speedways
(Photo Courtesy of the Brown Family)

Filipino-British karter Alex Dimaano Brown capped of 2014 by defending his Singapore Cadet crown in the Singapore Karting Championships, clinching the title despite not being able to finish the race due to accident in the final round. 

Alex also joined the 2014 Rotax Max Challenge Series in Malaysia, finishing eighth out of 37 racers in the MicroMax division in only his rookie year.

With already two big karting championships under his belt and roughly around 25-30 races at only 11 years old, the future looks very bright for the Singapore-based karter.

“It’s not something that we pushed him into.” Said Tessa Dimaano Brown, Alex’s mother, who left the Philippines in 1995 for Hong Kong, then eventually relocated to Singapore in 2000. “Hindi naman ako magaling mag-drive, ni hindi nga ako marunong mag parallel-park eh.” She added, jokingly.

According to Tessa, Alex began showing some promise in racing at a young age.

“We noticed that he was very good in the arcade. He would try those driving games and we noticed that he would beat all the kids, and then he could beat all the adults.” 

After being able to get behind the steering wheel of a go-kart during one of their family trips to Phuket, Thailand, Alex’s love for the sport only grew. Eventually, Alex’s parents bought him a go-kart, and the rest was history.

Alex began formal training at the age of seven, and competed in his first race two years later in the Singapore Karting Championships. “In my first ever race, I didn’t finish it because I had some kart problems, but in my second race, I finished at second place.” Alex told ABS-CBN Sports.

The young speedster also shared why he enjoys racing, something that sets him apart from most 11-year olds: “I like the speed and the adrenaline of it.”

When he’s not behind the steering wheel of a go-kart, Alex gets his speed fix from biking, and plans to begin training next year with his father David.

Currently in the off-season, Alex continues to train regularly, as he prepares for a big 2015 ahead of him. He will be competing in the Rotax Asia Max Challenge in Malaysia next March, and the Rok Series in Singapore next April. Should Alex emerge victorious in the Rok Series, he gains entry to the Rok World Cup race in Italy.

While Alex will continue to set speedways ablaze in Singapore and Malaysia, he hopes to one day be able to race in the Philippines, and aspires to be the Philippines’ first F1 driver.

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