Canonball 2016: Bridging the gap

ABS-CBN Sports on Jan 17, 2016 02:04 PM
Canonball 2016: Bridging the gap
The Canonball race was an opportunity for drivers to enjoy the Luzon scenery and bond with each other.

People will always like different things. Some people preferred Magic Johnson over Larry Bird while some like to shoot from outside rather than post it up. Some people like to play in high tops rather than low cuts and some people enjoy watching football from the couch rather than watching it inside the stadium.

Some people like to drive motorcycles while some prefer those with four wheels. It's just the way people are programmed to live but then again, no matter how many wheels a vehicle can have, these people just love to do one thing, they enjoy driving.

And that is what the 2016 Canonball race is all about, more than being an actual race, it was a chance for driving enthusiasts to not only do what they love most but enjoy the wonderful scenery northern Luzon had to offer.

"This event, it unites both the car and motorcycle community. Kasi before may konting gap kasi syempre yung motocyclists in favor sila sa motorcyle kaming mga naka-kotse, kotse kami. Pero dahil nagkaroon ng events like Canonball, nagkakaroon ng camaraderie yung mga bikers and car enthusiasts," Gelo Sison said. Sison, together with driving partner Lewy Manio, won second place in the 1000-kilometer endurance run for cars. He's a member of Club 500, a group of car drivers who regularly do 500-kilometer drives.

For John Coral, a biker who also took on the 1000-kilometer endurance run with his 10-man group, it's about finishing the race, with side photos with the beautiful scenery of course.

"Enjoy syempre. Touring lang naman kami, during the ride yung mga magagandang spot hinto tapos picture lang," he said. "Gabi na kami dumating kasi nagpicture-picture pa kami."

"Kami naman, basta driver ka, maliit man yung motor mo o malaki, naka kotse ka, once na rider ka respetuhan lang sa isa't-isa," he added.

The Canonball 2016 is the second such event that features a 1000-kilometer endurance run and a 500-kilometer sprint for both cars and motorcycles. The race started and ended in Clark as drivers took on a route throughout northern Luzon.

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