NBA viewing guide: March 13-19, 2017

NBA viewing guide: March 13-19, 2017
Chicago Bulls guard Rajon Rondo, right, tries to block a shot by Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas (4) during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Boston. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Not sure which NBA teams are playing and when? Check out the viewing guide for March 13 to 19, 2017, below: 

Monday, March 13

3:30AM - CHI @ BOS - NBA Premium
6:00AM - NYK @ BKN 
6:00AM - MIA @ IND - NBA Premium
9:00AM - POR @ PHX - BTV
9:00AM - CLE @ HOU - NBA Premium, ABS-CBN S+A
9:30AM - PHI @ LAL

Monday’s slate of games begins early as usual. On cable, NBA Premium has a triple-header, starting at 3:30am, with Bulls at Celtics. That’s followed by Heat at Pacers, and Cavaliers at Rockets, a game that will also be shown on ABS-CBN S+A at 9:00am. In-between all those, the Blazers and the Suns will do battle, also at 9:00am, on BTV.

On NBA League Pass, check out Knicks at Nets at 6:00am, as well as 76ers at Lakers at 9:30am. 

Tuesday, March 14

7:00AM - CHI @ CHA - BTV
7:30AM - DAL @ TOR
8:00AM - MIL @ MEM
8:00AM - ATL @ SAS - NBA Premium
8:00AM - WAS @ MIN
9:00AM - LAC @ UTA
10:30AM - ORL @ SAC
10:30AM - LAL @ DEN - NBA Premium

Tuesday’s a good day to be rocking NBA League Pass. At 7:30am, there’s Mavericks at Raptors. Half an hour later, Bucks at Grizzlies, and Wizards at Timberwolves tip off. The Clippers and the Jazz do battle at 9:00am, followed by Magic at Spurs at 10:30am.

On TV, the Bulls and the Hornets begin the day at 7:00am on BTV. NBA Premium’s double-header of the day starts with Hawks at Spurs at 8:00am, followed by Lakers at Nuggets at 10:30am. 

Wednesday, March 15

7:00AM - DET @ CLE - NBA Premium
7:30AM - OKC @ BKN
7:30AM - IND @ NYK - NBA Premium (delayed - 1:30pm)
8:00AM - POR @ NOP - NBA Premium (cut to live)
10:30AM - PHI @ GSW - NBA Premium, BTV

Five games on tap today, starting with the Pistons battling the Cavaliers anew, at 7:00am on NBA Premium. They’ll then cut to live Blazers at Pelicans, followed by 76ers at Warriors, which will also be shown on BTV. In addition, NBA Premium will be airing Pacers at Knicks on a delayed basis in the afternoon.

The lone NBA League Pass-only game is Thunder at Nets, tipping off at 7:30am.

Thursday, March 16

7:00AM - DAL @ WAS
7:00AM - CHA @ IND
7:30AM - MIN @ BOS
7:30AM - UTA @ DET
8:00AM - MEM @ CHI - BTV (delayed - 10:00am)
8:00AM - LAL @ HOU - NBA Premium
8:00AM - POR @ SAS - FOX Sports
10:00AM - SAC @ PHX
10:30AM - MIL @ LAC - NBA Premium

On NBA League Pass, start your day with Mavericks at Wizards, and Hornets at Pacers, both starting at 7:00am. Half an hour later, there’s Timberwolves at Celtics, and Jazz at Pistons. Later on at 10:00am, the Kings take on the Suns. 

The first of three Filipino Heritage Week games is today, when the New Orleans Pelicans travel to take on the Miami Heat. That will be covered at 7:30am on BTV. In other TV games, at 8:00am, the Lakers battle the Rockets on NBA Premium, and the Blazers face off versus the Spurs on FOX Sports. After the NOP vs MIA tiff, BTV will have Grizzlies at Bulls on a delayed basis, while at 10:30am, the Bucks battle the Clippers on NBA Premium.

Friday, March 17

7:00AM - UTA @ CLE - NBA Premium
7:30AM - BKN @ NYK
7:30AM - MEM @ ATL - NBA Premium (delayed - 11:30am)
9:00AM - LAC @ DEN - NBA Premium (cut to live)
10:30AM - ORL @ GSW - BTV

Friday gets rolling at 7:00am, when the Jazz head to Cleveland on NBA Premium, while the Thunder take on the Raptors on BTV and ABS-CBN S+A. NBA Premium will then cut to Clippers at Nuggets live, while BTV’s second game is Magic at Warriors at 10:30am. Finally, NBA Premium has the delayed airing of Grizzlies at Hawks at 11:30am. 

The lone NBA League Pass-only game is the Battle of New York, as the Nets take on the Knicks at 7:30am. 

Saturday, March 18

7:00AM - DAL @ PHI
7:00AM - CHI @ WAS - BTV (delayed - 10:30am)
7:30AM - BOS @ BKN
7:30AM - TOR @ DET - FOX Sports
8:00AM - HOU @ NOP - NBA Premium (delayed - 2:00pm)
8:00AM - MIN @ MIA - NBA Premium, BTV, ABS-CBN ch. 2 (delayed - 8:30am) [FIL HERITAGE] 
10:00AM - ORL @ PHX
10:30AM - MIL @ LAL - NBA Premium

In the second Filipino Heritage Week game, we have the Timberwolves battling the Heat, and it’ll be covered at 8:00am by NBA Premium and BTV, as well as ABS-CBN ch. 2 on a slightly delayed basis

Other televised games today include Raptors at Pistons at 7:30am on FOX Sports, Bucks at Lakers at 10:30am on NBA Premium, and Rockets at Pelicans, delayed at 2:00pm on NBA Premium.

For NBA League Pass users, you can catch Mavericks at 76ers at 7:00am, Celtics at Nets at 7:30am, and Magic at Suns at 10:00am.

Sunday, March 19

3:00AM - SAC @ OKC 
6:00AM - POR @ ATL
7:00AM - WAS @ CHA
8:30AM - CLE @ LAC - NBA Premium
9:00AM - UTA @ CHI
9:00AM - SAS @ MEM - BTV (delayed - 1:00pm)
9:30AM - HOU @ DEN - NBA Premium (cut to live)

There’s plenty of NBA League Pass exclusives today, starting really early at 3:00am with Kings at Thunder. That’s followed by Blazers at Hawks at 6:00am, Wizards at Hornets at 7:00am, and Jazz at Bulls at 9:00am.

On TV, there’s Cavaliers at Clippers at 8:30am on NBA Premium, and then they’ll cut to Rockets at Nuggets, live. The third and final Filipino Heritage Week offering is Bucks at Warriors, and BTV and ABS-CBN S+A will carry that tiff. Afterwards, BTV will have Spurs at Grizzlies on a delayed basis on 1:00pm.

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