NBA viewing guide: March 20-26, 2017

NBA viewing guide: March 20-26, 2017
Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook, right, drives the ball against Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Oakland, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Not sure which NBA teams are playing and when? Check out the viewing guide for March 20 to 26, 2017, below: 

Monday, Mar. 20
12:00AM - DAL @ BKN - NBA Premium
1:00AM - BOS @ PHI 
4:30AM - PHX @ DET
6:00AM - MIN @ NOP - BTV
6:00AM - IND @ TOR - NBA Premium    
6:00AM - POR @ MIA
7:00AM - SAC @ SAS - NBA Premium (cut-to live)
9:30AM - CLE @ LAL - NBA Premium, ABS-CBN S+A

As soon as the calendar flips from March 19 to 20, there will be an NBA game! The Mavericks take on the Nets on NBA Premium at 12am. That channel has three other games throughout the day - Pacers at Raptors at 6:00am, a cut-to live to Kings at Spurs, and then the Cavaliers battling the Lakers at 9:30am. That latter game will also be shown on ABS-CBN S+A, while backtracking to 6:00am, BTV will have Timberwolves at Pelicans. 

Got NBA League Pass? Then you can catch a trio of early morning offerings - Celtics at 76ers at 1:00am, Suns at Pistons at 4:30am, and Blazers at Heat at 6:00am. 

Tuesday, Mar. 21
7:00AM - ATL @ CHA
7:00AM - PHI @ ORL
7:00AM - UTA @ IND
7:30AM - WAS @ BOS - BTV
8:00AM - DEN @ HOU
8:00AM - GSW @ OKC - NBA Premium    
10:30AM - NYK @ LAC - NBA Premium    

Check out these offerings on NBA League Pass - You get a trio of games at 7:00am, Hawks at Hornets, 76ers at Magic, and Jazz at Pacers. Then at 8:00am, Nuggets at Rockets tips off. 

On cable, there’s the grudge match between the Wiz and Celtics at 7:30am on BTV. Over on NBA Premium, it’s a double-header of Warriors at Thunder, and Knicks at Clippers, beginning at 8:00am. 

Wednesday, Mar. 22
7:00AM - CHI @ TOR - NBA Premium    
7:30AM - DET @ BKN
7:30AM - PHX @ MIA
8:00AM - MEM @ NOP
8:30AM - GSW @ DAL
9:30AM - SAS @ MIN
10:00AM - MIL @ POR - BTV
10:30AM - LAC @ LAL - NBA Premium    

It’s another NBA League Pass-heavy day, starting with Pistons at Nets, and Suns at Heat at 7:30am. At 8:00am there’s Grizzlies at Pelicans, and then Warriors at Mavericks a half-hour later. Then at 9:30am, it’s Spurs at Timberwolves. 

On TV, NBA Premium’s double-header is Bulls at Raptors, and a battle for LA between the Clips and the Lake Show, starting at 7:00am. Sandwiched in-between will be Bucks at Blazers on BTV, at 10:00am.

Thursday, Mar. 23
7:00AM - CHA @ ORL
7:30AM - IND @ BOS - BTV
8:00AM - DET @ CHI - NBA Premium    
8:00AM - PHI @ OKC
8:00AM - ATL @ WAS
9:00AM - CLE @ DEN - FOX Sports    
10:30AM - MIL @ SAC
10:30AM - NYK @ UTA - NBA Premium (cut-to live)  

Four games available only on NBA League Pass today. At 7:00am, the Hornets take on the Magic. An hour later at 8:00am, there’s 76ers at Thunder, and Hawks at Wizards. Lastly, jumping ahead to 10:30am, there’s Bucks at Kings. 

Cable-wise, the day starts with BTV’s Pacers at Celtics at 7:30am. At 8:00am, NBA Premium has Pistons at Bulls. An hour later, the Cavaliers take on the Nuggets on FOX Sports. Finally, NBA Premium will cut live to Knicks at Jazz. 

Friday, Mar. 24
7:30AM - PHX @ BKN - NBA Premium (delayed - 1:30PM)
7:30AM - TOR @ MIA - NBA Premium    
8:30AM - LAC @ DAL - NBA Premium (cut-to live), BTV (delayed - 11:00AM)
10:00AM - NYK @ POR

Just five games on tap today. NBA Premium has Raptors at Heat at 7:30am, followed by cutting live to Clippers at Mavericks, a game that will be shown on a delayed basis on BTV. At 8:30am, BTV and ABS-CBN S+A both have Grizzlies at Spurs, while on NBA League Pass, it’s Knicks at Blazers at 10:00am. Wrapping things up, NBA Premium has, on a delayed basis, Suns at Nets.

Saturday, Mar. 25
7:00AM - BKN @ WAS
7:00AM - CLE @ CHA - NBA Premium    
7:00AM - DET @ ORL
7:00AM - DEN @ IND
7:30AM - PHX @ BOS
8:00AM - PHI @ CHI
8:00AM - ATL @ MIL - NBA Premium (cut-to live), BTV, ABS-CBN ch.2 (delayed - 8:30AM)
8:00AM - NOP @ HOU
10:30AM - MIN @ LAL - NBA Premium    
10:30AM - SAC @ GSW - FOX Sports

It’s a very packed Saturday morning, especially with NBA League Pass. Your choices at 7:00am - Nets at Wizards, Pistons at Magic, and Nuggets at Pacers. Half an hour later, it’s Suns at Celtics, followed at 8:00am by 76ers, at Bulls and Pelicans at Rockets. 

NBA Premium gets the ball rolling on TV with Cavaliers at Hornets at 7:00am. They’ll cut-to live Hawks at Bucks, which is also shown on ABS-CBN ch.2 on a slightly delayed basis, while BTV airs it live. At 10:30am, NBA Premium has Timberwolves at Lakers, while FOX Sports will put on Kings at Warriors. 

Sunday, Mar. 26
3:30AM - UTA @ LAC - NBA Premium    
7:30AM - WAS @ CLE - NBA Premium, ABS-CBN S+A
8:30AM - TOR @ DAL - BTV
8:30AM - NYK @ SAS - NBA Premium (cut-to live)
10:00AM - MIN @ POR - NBA Premium (cut-to live)

Early at 3:30am, there’s Jazz at Clippers on NBA Premium. Advance to the morning, and it’s Wizards at Cavaliers at 7:30am, on NBA Premium and ABS-CBN S+A. At 8:30am, the Raptors take on the Mavericks on BTV. NBA Premium meanwhile will cut to Knicks vs. Spurs, and Timberwolves vs. Blazers, when their previous offerings get wrapped up. 

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