Chef Curry’s Recipe for Success

Chef Curry’s Recipe for Success
To help him be at his best, Stephen Curry depends on the world’s no. 1 deodorant.

Stephen Curry is you.

He’s not you you, but Steph sports a façade that’s arguably closer to an everyman than one that screams Warrior. Listed at 6’3", which is modest by basketball standards, Curry often found himself as one of the smallest players on any team he’s played for. When Steph was in high school and college, his baby face and unimposing physique often gave people the impression that he didn’t belong. In a feature for GQ, Steph Curry said this: “I can’t jump the highest. I’m obviously not the biggest, not the strongest. And so they see me out there and I look like a normal person.” Undersized and underweight, being underestimated was the theme of his career early on despite showing flashes of golden potential. Curry was aware of such sentiments, but he didn’t let these dictate his success.

Picked seventh overall in the 2009 NBA Draft, Steph Curry became one of the few bright spots in a dismal Golden State Warriors squad. He finished as the runner-up in the race for rookie of the year. Curry was steadily improving his respectable—but not yet remarkable—numbers year by year when his ankle finally gave out on him in early 2011 after suffering multiple sprains the season prior. He was able to recover from surgery right before the start of the 2011-2012 campaign, but the sprains didn’t stop coming even after that. Before the season’s end, Curry’s ankle was reinjured and required another surgery.

About to become a free agent, this was a critical period for Steph Curry. And as expected, not a lot of teams came knocking on Steph’s door, since his injury history loomed heavily. Golden State took another gamble on him, though, signing him for four more years on a criminally discounted (in hindsight, at least) $44-M contract. Regardless of the money, Steph was grateful for the second opportunity. He was driven to prove the skeptics wrong, the ones who thought that he already reached his peak and has nowhere to go but down. Curry put on his chef’s hat and started cooking.

From 2012 to 2014, we saw Steph Curry gradually morph into one of the best shooters in NBA history. In just a span of two years, he went from DNP (did not play) to MVP. But even if he appears to be a wizard on the court, his success didn’t come with a single wave of a wand. Steph put in a great deal of work. He also chalks up his meteoric rise to a lot of other people and factors. His trainers designed very specific routines that can be accomplished even while he’s still rehabbing his ankle. Steph’s coaches pushed him even harder and took his existing skillset and exploded it into unimaginable ways. The now NBA champion and two-time MVP also credits his gear and trusted products. To help him be at his best, Curry depends on the world’s no. 1 deodorant. Only Rexona with Motionsense keeps Steph feeling dry and fresh all day—no matter what move he does on and off the court.



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