Jordan Clarkson's biggest fan? His Lola Marcelina

ABS-CBN Sports on Oct 19, 2017 11:22 AM
Jordan Clarkson's biggest fan? His Lola Marcelina
"I always say my grandson the superstar!" Lola Marcelina said of having a Laker grandson.

Filipino-American shooting guard Jordan Clarkson has been a rising star for the Los Angeles Lakers ever since he was drafted in 2014.

After showing continuous improvement over the years, he's garnered quite a following, not just among fellow Filipinos, but also from the global fanatics of the Purple and Gold.

But no supporter can perhaps compare to Clarkson's biggest fan: his lola, Marcelina Tullao Kingsolver.

"I always say my grandson the superstar!" Marcelina said of having a Laker grandson. "I just say it just like that because that's the way I feel I'm very proud of him." 

Clarkson, the lone Fil-Am player in the NBA can trace his Pinoy heritage to Pampanga, where Marcelina met his grandfather, a member of the US Air Force stationed in Clark.

They gave birth to Jordan's biological mother Annette Davies. By the time Annette was four years old, she was already accustomed to the life of a military kid.

Annette eventually listed into the Air Force, while Jordan's father Mike, is a veteran airman as well.

But Clarkson decided to carve his own path, a path that has taken him from Texas, to Los Angeles.

Now a known basketball player, philantrophist, and resident NBA fashion icon, Jordan is making his Lola nothing but proud.

"No way way out of my scope I still couldn't believe. Hey that's my grandson up there. Or when he's playing God bless him," Marcelina said. 

Though it wouldn't hurt if the Lakers racked up a couple more wins this season, she jests. "No matter what I love that boy. Win or lose and I tell him, win sometimes it'll be great.

As another NBA season begins, Jordan wants to make his Lola even prouder by building on his solid career so far.

"A lot of hard work this preseason, summertimes, just a lot of work put into this. We're ready to kick it into gear, we're ready to roll," Clarkson said in an interview with ABS-CBN News' Steve Angeles during the Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture in L.A. 


With a report from Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News, North American Bureau.


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