BLOGTABLE: Celtics or Raptors for East top seed? Global on Apr 05, 2018 07:53 AM
BLOGTABLE: Celtics or Raptors for East top seed?
FILE - TORONTO, CANADA - FEBRUARY 6: Kyrie Irving #11 of the Boston Celtics goes to the basket against the Toronto Raptors on February 6, 2018 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Mark Blinch/NBAE via Getty Images) blogtable

With roughly one week to go in 2017-18, who gets the No. 1 seed in the East: the Toronto Raptors or Boston Celtics?

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Steve Aschburner: Toronto, in what comes down to a choice between the Raptors’ late-season swoon (dropping five of their past eight) vs. the Celtics’ injury issues. Wrapping up on the road at Detroit and at Miami is no bargain, but Toronto could have things settled by then, assuming it takes care of home court -- which is what this is all about -- against the Celtics Wednesday night (Thursday, PHL time). I’d be less bullish on the Raptors, of course, if they had any more games left against LeBron and the Cavs, who appear to have set up shop again in the Toronto team’s heads.

Tas Melas: Raptors. They control their own destiny (unlike Boston), they are fully healthy (unlike Boston), and I don’t think they have come this far to lose the No. 1 seed (which they could capture for the first time in their history). Although Toronto has a tougher schedule the rest of the way, I don’t see them losing to Boston twice in five days, and if the Raptors beat Boston tonight, they’ll own the tiebreaker due to conference record

Shaun Powell: Given the injury issues and a two-game deficit as of Tuesday night (Wednesday, PHL time), it doesn't look great for the Celtics despite their stronger than expected flourish here at the tape. So let's give it to Toronto by a whisker. The real question: In that scenario, does the Raptors' Dwane Casey, who's had no injuries, deserve Coach of the Year over Brad Stevens?

John Schuhmann: Picking Boston would mean picking Boston to win in Toronto on Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time). That would give them the tiebreaker and they could pick up another game after that, with one fewer game against good teams (the Raptors play Indiana and Miami, the Celtics play Washington) and one fewer road game remaining on the schedule. But I'll give the edge to the Raptors at home on Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time), with both teams playing the second game of a back-to-back and the Celtics being shorthanded. Then we wait to see who wins Cavs-Sixers in Philadelphia on Friday (Saturday, PHL time) and which one of these teams would potentially face Cleveland in the conference semifinals.

Sekou Smith: Toronto. And I think this is more about the Raptors holding on more than anything else. Whatever confidence they inspired earlier this season has waned a bit recently, losses to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and to the feisty Celtics in their last six games has to sting even the most ardent of the Raptors' robust fan base. Their performance of late has certainly made me nervous for them. But a three-game home stand (Thursday, PHL time against Boston, Saturday, PHL time against Indiana and next Monday, PHL time against Orlando) provides the Raptors a perfect opportunity to secure their position atop the Eastern Conference standings. Their destiny is in their own hands. All they have to do is finish.

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