Join the NBA Playoffs Challenge! Global on Apr 13, 2018 06:23 PM
Join the NBA Playoffs Challenge!
NBA Playoffs Bracket Challenge

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- Create a user name and password at

- Select yor favorite NBA team

- Join a public league or create a private group and invite your friends


- With the NBA Playoffs bracket set, make your picks for each NBA Playoffs series

- Choose the NBA team you think will win each series

- Predict the number of games the series will go to determine the final result. Once the series begins, your picks are locked in.


- Tune-in to the NBA Playoffs beginning on April 15 (PHL time)

- At the conclusion of each NBA Playoffs series, you have the option to re-visit your bracket and update your predictions for upcoming matchups.

- Climb the leaderboard for a chance to win great NBA prizes.

How will the NBA Playoffs Challenge work?

Instead of merely selecting who will win each Playoffs matchup, fans must not only choose the winner of each series, but also select the number of games each series will go (e.g. Warriors win the series in 4 games to 2). Points will be awarded on accuracy and results.

To keep engagement levels high, fans will have the chance to revise picks after each round for reduced points. This mechanism will allow fans to continuously re-engage with their bracket throughout the postseason.

Who can play?

The game is open to fans in the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, France, Germany, Spain and the Philippines!

Key Dates (PHL time)

April 12 - Final day of the regular season, brackets set

April 15 - NBA Playoffs begin, entries for grand prize locked

April 30/May 1 - Conference semifinals begin (move up April 28/29)

May 16/17 - Conference Finals begin (move up May 14/15)

June 1 - NBA Finals begin

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