Don't like Warriors-Cavs IV? 'Get better NBA' says Klay

ABS-CBN Sports on May 31, 2018 09:57 AM
Don't like Warriors-Cavs IV? 'Get better NBA' says Klay
FILE - OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 1: Klay Thompson goes for a layup in Game One of the 2017 NBA Finals on June 1, 2017 at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. (Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2017 NBAE)

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson believes there's a simple solution to avoiding yet another rematch between the defending champions Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers - the rest of the NBA simply has to get better.

When asked if it was a bad thing that the two sides were meeting for a historic fourth straight NBA Finals during Finals media availability, the Splash Brother answered, "I don't think so. I think the rest of the NBA has got to get better. It's not our fault.

"I'm sure if you asked the fans of the Warriors and the Cavs around the world...I'm sure they're happy with their team performance. The only people I hear saying that are fans from other teams, which is natural. I don't blame them. But as long as our fan base is happy, that's all that matters."

The Warriors and Cavaliers will tip off a fourth straight NBA Finals series on Friday (PHL time). It's the first time, per the NBA, in major North American sports history that the championship will match the same teams in four consecutive years. The two teams have traded the Larry O'Brien trophy back-and-forth in that span, with Golden State having the edge in titles so far, 2-1.

If it's any consolation to fans of the other teams, Warriors-Cavs IV was definitely no lock, as both teams needed Game 7's to advance and set up the rematch. The Warriors downed the Houston Rockets in the West, while the Cavaliers went the distance versus the Boston Celtics out East.

The Warriors played a total of 17 postseason games this year, the Cavaliers 18, including a pair of seven-game series in round one and the Conference Finals. In contrast, in 2017, Golden State was a perfect 12-0 entering the Finals, while Cleveland had lost just one game, for a 12-1 card.

Two of the marquee players in the series, Kevin Durant and LeBron James, agreed with Klay's sentiment.

"It may not be as suspenseful as a lot of people want it to be, or as drama-filled, but that's what you've got movies and music for," Durant said. "I think this is a great display of basketball on the court from both sides, and if you're a real lover of the game, you can enjoy how both teams play it.

"It's still organic and true to the game, pure to the game. So if you enjoy basketball, I don't feel like you should have any complaints because it's a great set of players on both teams."

James more strongly echoed Thompson's sentiments, saying, "Teams have had their opportunities to beat the Cavs over the last four years, and teams have had the opportunities to beat the Warriors over the last four years.

"If you want to see somebody else in the postseason, then you got to beat them."

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