Philly fans continue to make a play for LeBron

ABS-CBN Sports on Jun 22, 2018 06:19 AM
Philly fans continue to make a play for LeBron
Photo c/o @PowerHRG

NEW YORK (AP) — Even on NBA draft night, some people in Philadelphia is already thinking about free agency and the pursuit of LeBron James.

A plane is flying above Barclays Center carrying three banners. One has James' No. 23 with a crown and the Liberty Bell, another urges him to "Strive for GOATNESS" and the last reads #PHILLYWANTSLEBRON.

Draft night had been the highlight of the 76ers' year in their recent tanking seasons and large number of their fans made the short trip to Brooklyn to see who they would select with their high picks. But now the 76ers have moved from process to playoffs and are in position to add a major free agent to their core of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

Power Home Remodeling, a Philadelphia-based company, has become a James recruiter, originally setting up three billboards in Cleveland urging him to come to the city. The company also flew Thursday's billboards in Brooklyn.

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