BLOGTABLE: Who got snubbed on All-NBA teams? Global on May 25, 2019 06:49 PM
BLOGTABLE: Who got snubbed on All-NBA teams?
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The 2018-19 All-NBA teams have been revealed. Who got snubbed?

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Steve Aschburner: Seeing as how I voted for the All-NBA teams, I can’t rightly label someone a snub unless they made my ballot but didn’t make the first, second or third team, right? Wouldn’t make sense. There’s only one guy who qualifies then: San Antonio’s LaMarcus Aldridge. He was one of the six forwards I chose -- but LeBron James took his spot. Sorry, but I don’t think you qualify as “All-NBA” when you play only 55 games and work for a team that ends up in the lottery. Aldridge is a leader for the playoff perennial Spurs who gets taken for granted by being his same steady self season after season. He also loses style points as a throwback, a master of the two-pointer rather than 2019’s beloved three-pointer.

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Shaun Powell: This certainly sounds like a novel concept, but here goes: How about nobody? Klay Thompson didn't take it well but there are always borderline cases that could fall either way. Should he have been on instead of Kemba Walker because the Warriors win? We should penalize Kemba because of the poor moves by management, then?

John Schuhmann: The 15 guys are the same 15 that I had on my ballot (though not necessarily in the same order), so the answer is nobody! Bradley Beal, Klay Thompson and Karl-Anthony Towns all deserved consideration; Parsing out the third-team selections certainly wasn't easy. The lack of team success definitely hurt Beal and Towns, while Thompson just didn't have as good a season as he had the previous couple of years. I gave the edge to Kemba Walker, given how much he carried his team (which was better than Beal's).

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