Alapag says Kings stint an "eye-opener" in terms of NBA's quality

Paul Kennedy Lintag on Jun 28, 2020 10:56 AM
Alapag says Kings stint an
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Last year, Jimmy Alapag had to opportunity of a lifetime when he joined the coaching staff of the Sacramento Kings for the NBA Summer League.

Alapag spent a good two months with the Kings, learning the ins and outs of an NBA team.

With his experience in Sacramento, the Alab Pilipinas mentor observed  an "eye-opening" process that the NBA teams go through during their daily operations.

"My experience last summer in Sacramento, that was one of the eye-opening things and something that honestly I was really proud about because a lot of the terminologies, a lot of what they're doing are very similar to what we've done here," Alapag told Coaches Unfiltered.

"I think the biggest difference that I saw with how things are done there is just how efficient the NBA teams, at least in Sacramento, run everything. There's no BS," coach Jimmy added.

Alapag says that practice schedule is followed very strictly in the NBA.

Workouts to be done before and after the actual on-court practice are established without any reminders.

"Because once practice starts, everything was on time, clock would start and things were moving," Alapag said.

"That was the one thing that really stood out to me the most," he added.

Coach Jimmy also noticed that NBA teams didn't want their players shooting alone. The coaching staff are utilized to maximize the quality of individual player workouts.

"They din't want players shooting by themselves. They would assign coaches to shoot with 2-3 players so that when they get their repetitions in, everything was high quality, everything was game-like shots," Alapag said.

Even with his brief stint with an NBA team, Alapag says the quality in the things they do in the Association is just simply something to take note of.

"That was just eye opening for me to see how they operated," coach Jimmy said.

"Everything was just quality, everything was efficient and that carried over into their cultire going into the NBA season," Alapag added.


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