Ola Adeogun: One Final Roar for San Beda

Tricia Robredo on Jun 02, 2015 12:03 PM
Ola Adeogun: One Final Roar for San Beda
“Time – mabilis lang. Pero ganun talaga. That’s reality." --- Ola Adeogun

Now on his last playing year, Nigerian import Ola Adeogun got a little sentimental as he tried to recall the great years he has spent in San Beda College. If there is anything he would like to thank his eighteen-year-old self for, it is making that bold decision of moving to the Philippines, even when the country was extremely unfamiliar to him in the first place. Little did this skeptic know how much his college would develop him into a better basketball player and, more importantly, a better man. It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely worth it. And the graduating Red Lion doesn’t regret any of it.

Ola shares that he has mixed emotions about leaving. Of course there is that part of him that feels very sad. Aside from the support of the community he is sure to miss, he says that it feels a little strange to exit "just like that" after putting in so much work for years. "Time mabilis lang. Pero ganun talaga. That’s reality." (Yes, he speaks Tagalog fluently!)

Another reality that he chooses to face head on is the temporality of basketball. Ola does plan on joining professional leagues after college ball; he has experienced PBA D-League with the league’s powerhouse team Hapee Fresh Fighters, and is now considering other options in other countries should there be any opportunities. But even if that pushes through, he knows that it won’t be forever. “That’s something I can probably do in the next five or ten years. But I will grow old and my legs and body are eventually going to give in.” So aside from his plans for his sports career, Ola is investing on his long-term agenda. Hence, he will be continuing further studies in San Beda for the next two or three years for a Masters in Business Administration degree! And in a few more years, we might even see him sporting a suit in the corporate world.

School has always been Ola’s top priority, with basketball only coming as a clear second. "Basketball is great and it can really take you places. It got me here. But when you get injured, for example, it won’t be there anymore. But education nobody can take it away from you. I want to take care of my life so I took care of my studies as well." He never used his being athlete as an excuse not to fulfill his responsibilities as a student. He has good grades (and was even a Dean’s Lister on his freshman year), he pushes himself to class even when his body is sore from training, and he does extra work to make up for the things he misses because of games. It’s truly tough. But getting the best of both worlds, means working twice as hard, too.

Entering his final year as an undergraduate, Red Lion Ola Adeogun admits to feeling pressured to finish his remaining units on time and, of course, to win a sixth championship for San Beda. "I feel that if we don’t get it this year, it would feel like all those championships will be for nothing. I want to graduate with that merit, and all of us who are graduating would really want to make this season one for the books." But by breaking the jock stereotype and with that kind of outlook in life, we feel like he’s already accomplished a very noble achievement.


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