‘Sluggish’ Holts all set on powering through sophomore slump

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jul 03, 2015 03:59 PM
‘Sluggish’ Holts all set on powering through sophomore slump
SEARCHING FOR RHYTHM. Dioncee Holts needs his rhythm to get back to his Rookie of the Year form and Arellano needs Holts to get back to contention.

Reigning Rookie of the Year Dioncee Holts has, to put it lightly, not met the high standards he set for himself last season.

Following a headturning debut campaign averaging 13.4 points and 9.7 rebounds, the Arellano University big man has only turned in 6.5 markers and seven boards through the first couple of contests in the NCAA 91 Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Asked how he views his start to the current season, Holts told ABS-CBN Sports, “For me, lousy. For my team, really good.”

He continued, “It’s just a sluggish start. I gotta bring some kind of energy every time I play and I gotta put my team in a better position to win.”

Expounding on his sluggish start, Holts pinpointed that he still lacks the feel for the game he had last year as he said, “I gotta find my rhythm. I gotta get back to my rhythm.”

The California native, however, is taking full responsibility for so far failing to meet the high expectations thrust on him. “That’s my fault. The whole blame’s on me,” he said.

With one of their stars yet to find his footing, the Chiefs are off to a 1-1 start in their follow-up campaign to last season’s runner-up finish. They got trounced by Jose Rizal University in the season-opener then squeaked by with a win over Lyceum of the Philippines University.

While he works on finding his rhythm, Holts is proud that his teammates have pulled through. Again, the Arellano big man said he knows their team will only become even more dangerous when he breaks out from his sluggish start as he said, “I’ve been letting my teammates down recently so I just gotta do a lot more, a lot more, a lot more to get us to where we were last year.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, let it be repeated that Holts stated that, yes, he needs to do a lot more three times.


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