CSB's Saavedra tired of coming up short

Tricia Robredo on Jul 09, 2015 11:14 AM
CSB's Saavedra tired of coming up short
HEARTBREAK WARFARE. Fons Saavedra said that all the heartbreak CSB has endured has only made them more equipped and determined to finally break through this season.

When he first moved to the Philippines after graduating from high school in the States, College of St. Benilde’s Fons Saavedra wasn't really off to a great start.

"Nobody talked to me for like the first six months, but things went uphill from there when I moved into the dorms," he told ABS-CBN Sports.

If time was all it took for him to adjust to life in the country, it isn't quite the case for his basketball journey. Fons shared that his whole stay in CSB has so far been a story of heartbreak as he recalled, "In my first year, I remember we almost upset San Beda in one of the elimination games. I made the go-ahead three, but then missed my defensive assignment in the other end."

However, the more painful miss for him and the rest of the Blazers would have to be last season when they were just one win shy of making it into the Final Four. "Just one more win (against Letran). So close yet so far," he said.

More than anything, misfortune has taught Fons never to take advantage of any situation. He also said that the experience is very eye-opening as being one of the team's veteran players has now made him understand better his seniors back in his rookie days.

"They were such a pain to me before. I always wondered why they acted the way they did, but now that the roles are reversed, I'm starting to get it," he said.

Three games into the season and Fons is visibly more mature in tackling his new role as a leader. It's not about scoring the highest number of points, but guiding his younger brothers with the wisdom he's gained over the years.

Despite being on his last playing year, Fons Saavedra shared that he's not thinking of life after college just yet. The focus for him now is making a good lasting impression for when he graduates. Of course, he also feels that it's about time to make up for all those seasons of almosts.


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