‘Makulit’ Onwubere hopes not to be defined by last year’s brawl

Tricia Robredo on Jul 12, 2015 04:58 PM
Onwubere hopes not to be defined by last year’s brawl
LOVER, NOT A FIGHTER. EAC's Sidney Onwubere said that he is friendly, mapagbiro, and makulit - far from the reputation that stuck to him after he got involved in last year's on-court brawl.

One of the most common things you will hear in pre-game huddles is the appeal to start strong and finish stronger.

Emilio Aguinaldo Colllege head coach Andy De Guzman did not fall short in reminding such to his Generals before they waged into war last Tuesday at the San Juan Arena. Unfortunately, the reminder apparently had no effect as they turned in a lackluster performance against College of St. Benilde.

Sidney Onwubre was particularly upset with how the game turned out. It was the squad’s second outing, but only his first for the season as he was coming off a suspension he incurred from being involved in the infamous EAC-Mapua brawl a season ago.

Wala e, talo. Pangit yung tapos (last season), pangit pa yung balik ko. In-expect kasi namin na kaya naman yung Benilde pero nagulat kami na 10-point lead kaagad. Nadala hanggang second, hanggang third, tapos sa fourth lang nagsimulang maghabol,” he dejectedly told ABS-CBN Sports.

Their attempts proved futile and ended up being too little, too late, just like his efforts to explain and defend his participation in the incidental fistfight. “Ang purpose ko lang naman kasi talaga nun awatin yung away e. Gusto ko lang ilayo si (John) Tayongtong,” he recalled.

He then continued, “Pero nag-iba yung mood ko nung nakisali na rin sa gulo yung ibang players from the bench. Nakita ko na inatake nila si Tayongtong. Siyempre teammate ko yun, hindi ko naman hahayaan na saktan lang siya.”

Contrary to what others now think of him, however, Sidney shared he’s not one to pick up fights and impose his will on others. In fact, the third-year forward still struggles voicing out his thoughts and concerns to his teammates – something he admits he has to improve on, being one of the few veterans on the squad.

’Di naman talaga ako ganun. Pag laro, laro lang. Pag nasa court, focused lang talaga ako kasi gusto ko pang mag-improve. Gusto ko mapakita sa mga tao yung kaya ni Sidney. Pero sa labas, friendly, mapagbiro, at makulit naman ako,” he said.

Sidney knows that it would take all fourteen of them, with their coaches’ guidance, to finally score a win. On a personal note, however, he shared that he needs to embrace more the leadership role he is expected to play. This time around, he hopes it won’t be too late.


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