Like his dad, Ice Reyes pays no mind to all the bashers

Tricia Robredo on Jul 23, 2015 08:59 PM
Like his dad, Ice Reyes pays no mind to all the bashers
WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU. Ice Reyes said that critics in social media come with the territory of being Chot's son.

Social media is very unforgiving nowadays – no matter what you do, no matter who you are, the critics are always there.

San Beda College's Ice Reyes particularly got a lot of flak after their rivalry game against Letran last week as netizens accused him of being a flopper.

Although a first-timer in the collegiate league, receiving bad comments isn’t really new to Ice as coming from a prominent basketball family seems to have prepared him for that. “We’re used to it na rin naman. Lalo na nung Gilas days ng dad ko, grabe yung critics. Even me and my sisters were tagged on Twitter and on social media,” he told ABS-CBN Sports.

Ice shared that his father and former Gilas head coach Chot constantly reminds him and the rest of the family to just ignore what they hear and see.

However, the pressure he feels from being a legend’s son is something he can’t shoo away because he will always be a Reyes. Plus, he moves in the same basketball world as his dad; hence, the affiliation is impossible to avoid.

“Everything I do, my actions inside the court and outside the court, will reflect on him,” he said. As such, the Red Lion admitted that he  makes a more conscious effort to really do the right thing to protect the great name and legacy of the one and only Chot Reyes.

From the looks of it, carrying the surname seems like both a privilege and a burden, but the pressure is more self-inflicted. It comes from external factors to some extent as well, but it’s never from the pops as he shared, “He (Chot) tells me to play for myself and to not think about him.”

At the end of the day, Ice Reyes is still his own person. All his faults and all his merits are mostly because of his doing and no one else’s. Coach Chot’s influence on his son’s interest in basketball is probably significant, but Ice continues to work and continues to play because of his personal love for the game.


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