Nimes: 'We wanted to give EAC a lesson for what happened last year'

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jul 24, 2015 03:43 PM
Nimes: 'We wanted to give EAC a lesson for what happened'
FORGIVE, BUT NOT FORGET. Josan Nimes and Mapua had payback on their minds when they met EAC.

Mapua Institute of Technology got a huge win on Friday at the San Juan Arena and it wasn't necessarily because it came at the expense of the team they got involved with in an ugly on-court brawl a season ago.

"Big game, not because of what happened last year, but because we're coming off back-to-back losses," Cardinals guard CJ Isit said. Near the end of last season, Isit was at the receiving end of a punch from Emilio Aguinaldo College's John Tayongtong which started a free-for-all with both teams leaving their respective benches.

While the Mapua playmaker said that they have all moved on from the incident, he also shared that he got satisfaction out of routing the Generals. "It was definitely a sweet feeling to blow them out by 29 points. I definitely enjoyed it," he told ABS-CBN Sports.

Although he was not in uniform for the entirety of last season, Cardinals captain Josan Nimes said he understood that payback was on all of their minds heading into the game. "It wasn't the same bad blood because many of those involved already graduated, but we still remembered," he said.

He then continued, "We wanted to beat them by a lot. Nothing against them, nothing against the school, but we really wanted to give them a lesson for what happened last year."

Asked if there was any point during the match when he felt emotions were going to boil over, however, Nimes was quick to assure that nothing like the infamous brawl was going to happen under his watch. "I'm the leader of this team and I'm not gonna let anything like that happen again," he said.


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