After detour from Katipunan, Ice Reyes now making the grade with San Beda

Tricia Robredo on Jul 28, 2015 11:51 AM
Ice Reyes now making the grade with San Beda
BLESSING IN DISGUISE. Ice Reyes shared that transferring from Katipunan to Legarda made him more practical.

A college senior on his basketball rookie year. 

Ice Reyes treaded a long and difficult path just to become a full-fledged Red Lion seeing action in the NCAA. After spending two years in San Beda College’s Team B, he had to compete with 30 others for a slot in the five-peat champions’ lineup for Season 91 and he recalled, “Yung nag-graduate (last season), parang apat lang.  Kinailangan talagang mag-work hard kasi iilan lang yung kukunin.” 

Making it this far was a proud  moment for Chot Reyes’ son. Aside from effort, Ice shared that he’s just lucky to have matched well with the philosophy and the system of coach Jamike Jarin, who was also his mentor in high school. 

Talking about his fit in Jarin’s fast-paced end-to-end attack, Ice told ABS-CBN Sports, “I understood his system: All defense and pressure. That’s my game kaya sakto rin. It was the perfect opportunity.” 

Ice graduated high school from Ateneo and initially decided to pursue collegiate studies in the Katipunan-based university. He spent his freshman year in Loyola and was about to join the Blue Eagles if it weren’t only for one major roadblock – grades. 

“When you’re an athlete, you have to reach a certain grade (to play). Hindi umabot QPI ko. Boss MVP (Manny Pangilinan) told me to try San Beda kasi baka more opportunity for me there,” he shared.

Although the environment in the Lions’ den is quite different from the Blue Eagles’ nest, Ice did not really have a hard time adjusting. “Di naman kami sinanay ng parents ko na hindi kayang makihalubilo. Kaya hindi naman ako na-culture shock when I transferred,” he said.

In San Beda, the cager believes that he’s learning a lot of things he probably wouldn’t have had he stayed sheltered in his comfort zone as he said, “I’m enjoying here and I’m learning how to be practical and more simple.” For instance, he learned how to commute and take the LRT to and from school. 

He also takes his academics more seriously now after his experience in his former school. “May pride na rin siguro ngayon. I learned in Ateneo that if you don’t study talaga, wala rin. You have to balance,” he said.

With that, Ice is more confident that he can thrive and excel in life after graduation, on or off the court. Asked if he plans to follow his father’s footsteps, he admitted to not seeing himself as a coach in the long run.

He isn't closing the door on anything just yet, however, by saying, “But if the opportunity is there, I’ll try kasi hirap din naman iwan yung basketball world. If it’s not, then that’s okay too. I can apply naman ng learnings in basketball sa corporate world.”


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