Jarin says door-smashing Adeogun was mad at himself

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Aug 18, 2015 09:19 PM
Jarin says door-smashing Adeogun was mad at himself
SMASH! Ola Adeogun will have to shell out some cash for the repair of the locker room door he destroyed with a kick.

Ola Adeogun opted to skip interviews after San Beda College dropped a close contest to Arellano University on Tuesday at the San Juan Arena.

The Chiefs’ exacting revenge on their Finals tormentors was already newsworthy, but a halftime incident involving the hulking Nigerian made the game all the more colorful. Trailing at the half, Adeogun hit the locker room door on his way inside and caused the bottom part of the plastic to be destroyed and some of the steel bars to get bent.

Instead of looking at the incident as another one of Adeogun’s outbursts, San Beda coach Jamike Jarin reminded reporters in his post-game interview, “You always look at him as a six-foot eight-inch 200-pounder, but he’s still a young man and emotions get into him.”

He continued, “So what I told him is he needs to control his emotions. The only person in this team that has the right to be emotional is me so he apologized and said he won’t do it again.”

While the league is yet to decide if the incident warrants any sanction, the San Juan Arena management has already been assured that the Red Lions’ reinforcement will cover the expenses for the repair of the locker room door.

ABS-CBN Sports was able to get a copy of the incident report that was signed by both the venue and league officials.

For his part, Jarin said he doesn’t know if Adeogun’s actions will merit suspension. “Do you get suspended for that? I don’t know, but he’s not mad at anything, he’s just mad at himself,” he said.


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