#TakeoverNCAA: Hanging out with the San Beda Red Lions

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#TakeoverNCAA: Hanging out with the San Beda Red Lions
Serious on the hard court, goofballs outside of it. I spent one whole day with the San Beda Red Lions to see what the five-peat champs are really like. (Spoiler: Ang saya.)

“Para sa seniors.”

We’ve heard it again and again during NCAA Season 91: This team is playing for the seniors. Radge Tongco was the first to say this during one of our interviews last month: “Gusto namin makuha ‘yung six-peat para sa seniors, para maganda ‘yung maiiwang memories nila.”


Good morning from Art Dela Cruz!


Coach Jamike’s mellow side?

Really? Coach Jamike Jarin? The Red Lions’ head coach is one of the loudest and most animated during games but Ice Reyes, who played for Coach Jamike as captain of the Ateneo Blue Eaglets, says he’s already toned it down. “Mas intense pa siya noong high school ako. Mas kaya pa ng blood pressure niya eh,” jokes Ice.


I’ve always found it easy to talk to Coach Jamike—he knows my boyfriend, who was the Eaglets’ courtside reporter—and we’ve shared several pranks over the season. Before Baser Amer’s comeback game, he hid Baser in the toilets so the press couldn’t get to him. Another time, he got Donald Tankoua and their student manager to pose like Clash of Clans characters.


When I went to say hi after this particular practice, he said “Bakit ka nandito?” and wiped sweat on me. Yep. Thanks Coach.


Practice like an underdog.

There’s this quote that goes “train like an underdog, play like a champ.” The 5-peat champs’ team practice is tough on everyone, down to the 3rd group and players who will be joining the lineup next year. “Kanina pa ‘yan,” Ice said. “Kahit yung third group na nagpa-practice, same yung effort at intensity sa pagturo.”


Ola wants an MBA.

Forget the stereotype that athletes are all about the sport. Graduating center Ola Adeogun plans to stick around San Beda to pursue his MBA. He’s had fun in the Philippines, is fluent in Tagalog, and even knows how to sing the national anthem.


The Red Lions big man may be intimidating to their opponents on the court, but among his own team, they tease each other like the old friends that they are.

“’Wag mong pagtawanan accent ko!” he yelled at Baser, who was cackling in the background as Ola sang. “Basta may feelings ‘yan!” (We got this on tape. Watch out for it at the halftime of San Beda’s next game.)


Yes, Ice’s hair is always like that.


Here’s a theory: Ice’s hair gel is made of Mighty Bond.


To gym selfie or not to gym selfie

Can't seem to get your gym selfies right? Dan Sara, who hails from Cagayan De Oro, has you covered.

We took a lot of these photos, trying to get the lighting right. I look like a fat wuss in all of them. Add this to the list of gym selfie tips: Don’t stand beside athletes who work out every day.


The best dancer on the team

Who’s the best dancer? Some said Ola, some said Ryusei Koga. (Speaking of Koga, here’s a video of him inviting you to watch games live!) But most said Javee Mocon. Javee, who’s getting mentored by pro-bound Art Dela Cruz, does a mean Nae Nae.


And…I’m sorry, Javee. I’m about to ruin your cred with this photo.

We were making jokes about Javee having really big shoes, then I asked to try them on, then he said I shouldn’t because they were sweaty, then somehow we ended up posing like fashion bloggers? Someone explain this photo because I can’t.


A glimpse of the future

Right now, Radge is making the most of his time with his senior point guard Baser Amer. With Baser leaving for the pros next year, Radge is hoping to fill his shoes by learning to be more vocal and making better decisions on the court.


“This is family.”

How it starts and ends for the San Beda Red Lions: Together.




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