#TakeoverNCAA: Start twerking like Atoy

ABS-CBN Sports on Oct 15, 2015 04:51 PM
#TakeoverNCAA: Start twerking like Atoy
#TakeoverNCAA with the Mapua Cardinals!

There are a lot of things the Mapua Cardinals can celebrate today.

One of course is head coach Atoy Co's birthday, while another is their first Final Four stint since 2010 after a sensational second round that saw them finish 8-1 and knock off last season's finalists Arellano in the playoff.

So you can't be really surprised that the Cardinals are in a jolly mood as they joined ABS-CBN Sports for #TakeoverNCAA

Check it out.


The Mapua brain trust led by the Fortune Cookie himself.


All smiles for the Final Four! Welcome back to the playoffs Mapua!


Head coach Atoy Co had few reasons to smile in Season 90, now it seems you can't take it away from his face.


Yeah, what's so funny Josan?


The one who controls the rebound, controls the game. This kid could be the MVP.


Oh you watch out Riley Curry, Josan Nimes can do the Whip/Naenae too!


Happy Birthday coach Atoy!


The Cardinals can dance.


Why? Because their coach is pretty good. Let us make "twerking like Atoy" a thing.


#TakeoverNCAA the Mapua Cardinals.

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