Ayo’s priorities in Letran: values, academics, and then basketball

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Nov 01, 2015 05:55 PM
Ayo’s priorities in Letran: values, academics, basketball
BALL IS NOT LIFE. In Aldin Ayo's mind, values and academics come ahead of basketball in terms of priorities.

Amidst all the euphoria of his team ending a decade-long title drought in Intramuros while also ending the five-year reign of Mendiola, winning coach Aldin Ayo said claiming for his alma mater its 17th championship is not his proudest accomplishment.

“Setting aside all of these trophies, the most important thing we gained is we became closer to God. We prayed hard, really hard for all of this,” the rookie champion said in his post-win interview last Thursday.

The 38-year-old coach proved to be a man of his word as right after they were awarded the championship, the first thing he did was stop by the image of Jesus Christ to say a prayer. Forming and fortifying intimate relationships – with God, among teammates, with the school community – is what Ayo believes to be the Knights’ greatest victory.



Recalling what he told the Letran management when he took on the task of bringing glory back to the school, the winning coach told ABS-CBN Sports, “Sa programa namin, although we are a basketball team, pangatlo lang ang basketball sa priority namin.”

He then continued, “Number one, values, kasama na spirituality dun. Pangalawa, academics. Pangatlo, basketball.”

Supporters of the Knights’ basketball program should not take it the wrong way, however, as Ayo shared, “Ngayon, kaya namin pina-prioritize values and academics kasi pag mag-excel na kami dun, given na yung mag-excel na rin kami sa basketball.”


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