#IlabasAngGaling! The top-10 best moments from NCAA Season91 (Part I)

Santino Honasan on Nov 05, 2015 05:51 PM
The top-10 best moments from NCAA Season91 (Part I)
Where did JRU's insane fourth quarter comeback against Mapua land in our countdown?

It’s been a week since the final buzzer sounded on NCAA Season 91’s men’s basketball tournament, and we’re pretty sure that like us, you guys are still on a high from how amazing the season was.

From amazing comebacks, to career performances, and everything in between, Season 91 definitely showcased what NCAA basketball is all about.

Fans were treated to exciting college basketball action every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, and if you followed the season from start to finish, you know all too well that there were tons of great moments from Season 91.

Luckily for you guys, we took the liberty of putting together a list of what we thought were the top-ten moments from the season so you don’t have to go through the trouble! We’re nice guys like that.

So, if you’re ready to take a stroll back in time (even though it hasn’t really been too long ago), then let’s go!

Here’s the first half of the countdown!


10. The EAC Generals stun the Letran Knights in round one!



Letran steamrolled through their first seven opponents, which included the likes of contenders Arellano University, Perpetual, and defending champions San Beda, which made it look like they were set to sweep the first round. In their eighth assignment of the season, Letran faced off against EAC and immediately, many assumed it would be a walk in the park for the unbeaten Knights.

That wouldn’t be the case however, as Hamadou Laminou and Jorem Morada led EAC to a 83-69 win, handing Letran their first loss of the season and arguably the biggest upset of the year.


9. SHIRTS OFF! Coach Atoy Co gets rowdy in protest!

Mapua head coach Atoy Co is one of the NCAA’s more colorful mentors, and in Season 91, the Pinoy basketball legend provided one of year’s most memorable moments.

In a first round matchup against Lyceum, Mapua’s JP Nieles picked up a foul that didn’t sit well with Coach Atoy, and he was slapped with a “Resentment to a call” warning. The warning didn’t sit well with Coach Atoy either so he decided to…take his shirt off and wave it around.

The stunt got “The Fortune Cookie” ejected, and subsequently suspended.


8. The JRU Heavy Bombers win six straight to clinch Final Four berth!

Prior to the start of Season 91, JRU head coach Vergel Meneses guaranteed that his Heavy Bombers would make it to the Final Four.

And they did.

JRU, led by Teytey Teodoro and Paolo Pontejos, clinched a Final Four spot, thanks largely to a six game winning streak that they put together in the second round, taking down the likes of Letran, Perpetual, and San Sebastian.

And while they eventually fell to San Beda in the Semis, JRU will be a very dangerous team to look out for in Season 92.


7. The Astonishing Ant-man drops 29 to save the Letran Knights


The Letran Knights hit the ground running in Season 91, showing early on that they were for real, but it wasn’t until their fourth game that they showed just how tough the Knights are, and just how talented a scorer Mark Cruz is.

Facing a 13-point deficit in the last eight minutes of the game, Letran bounced back to come out victorious, in just one of the season’s many great comeback stories.

Cruz, dubbed as “The Astonishing Ant-man” by commentator Andrei Felix, led the charge with 29 markers and six treys in one of his early scoring clinics in Season 91.


6. The JRU Heavy Bombers bounce back from 18-down to beat Mapua


Speaking of comeback stories, this has to be one of the season’s best.

This was also the birth of the now-famous (we guess) “Teytey Twist”.

Down 84-66 with just over three minutes left, people at the San Juan Arena were just about set to call it a game. JRU’s sophomore guard Teytey Teodoro wasn’t.

Teodoro dropped 18 markers in the fourth quarter to lead the Bombers back, including a huge go-ahead basket against the league’s best defender to complete one of the biggest comebacks in Season 91.


We've got the five best moments from Season 91 coming at 'ya! Stick around and stay logged on!

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