Nervous and excited at the same time --- Lazaro

Mark Escarlote on Jan 12, 2016 08:21 PM
Nervous and excited at the same time --- Lazaro
Denden Lazaro having a blast on her new role as a game analyst.

“Teka sir, sandali kinakabahan ako.”

This was what former Ateneo de Manila star Denden Lazaro said to ABS-CBN Sports Tuesday morning while peeking inside the dugout of the then still settling in San Beda Red Spikers.

It took her a few deep breaths before stepping inside the locker room to talk to head coach Jose Roque and some of the Red Spikers, who were so starstruck they first asked her to have a picture with them.

The multi-titled libero made sure that she will get all the necessary notes about the teams and players as she marched into her new job as an analyst for the 91st NCAA men’s and women’s volleyball competition.                  

How serious was Lazaro about her new role?

Well, the comely analyst arrived at The Arena in San Juan around 10:00 a.m. – four hours before the game or two hours ahead of the usual call time for anchors and analysts. 

“Natakot lang rin kasi ako sa traffic and mas OK na maaga para makausap ko rin yung mga teams,” she said.

Lazaro partnered with sports anchor Andrei Felix in the panel’s table to call the playoff game for the last Final Four spot in the men’s division that aired live on ABS-CBN Sports+Action.

Her first day was an instant hit with praises and good feedbacks from viewers thru social media.   

But the 23-year-old two-time UAAP champion admitted that she was jittery at first.

“Nu’ng simula sobrang nervous and excited at the same time. Eventually naman naging komportable na ako kasi nagi-enjoy din ako with Andrei during the commentating,” said national team member that saw action in the 28th Singapore Southeast Asian Games last year.

“I’m not sure kung tama ang ginagawa ko so ini-enjoy ko na lang. So far naman OK yung feed back na nakuha ko. Sana mag-improve pa ako,” she added. “Nabasa ko ang ibang Tweet sabi nga nila kabado pa, na they can hear it from my voice which is totoo naman. Ang galling nila mag-observe. Eventually as the game progresses na enjoy ko na and they saw it and heard it also sa voice ko na nagi-enjoy ako.”

Lazaro is one of the four former collegiate volleyball stars that ABS-CBN Sports+Action tapped as game analysts together with ex-De La Salle players Michele Gumabao, Aby Marano and Melissa Gohing.

Lazaro added that she felt comfortable working with Felix, exchanging jokes and obviously having a blast while dissecting and commentating on the game that the Red Spikers eventually won in four sets.  

“Sobrang fun niyang kasama and tawa lang kami ng tawa,” said Lazaro of Felix.



“I think ‘yung word na good is an understatement. She did great on her first day as an analyst for ABS-CBN Sports.”

Sports anchor Andrei Felix was all praises for Denden Lazaro.

“She’s a breath of fresh air,” he said.

“Sabi nga ng basketball analyst natin (sa NCAA) na si Migs Bustos, icy ‘yung boses ni Denden,” he added. “Talagang malamig, meaning its very refreshing. Yung hindi pilit, hindi galit, she just calls it how she sees it.”

Felix continued that more than him teaching Denden the ropes of broadcasting a live game, it was him who learned a thing or two about the sport. 

“Honestly, sinasalo niya rin ako kapag may mga terms na hindi ako sure,” he said.            

Lazaro said the same on Felix.

“Parang newbie lang din siya sa pagiging commentator in volleyball so nagtutulungan kaming dalawa,” she said. “Nagsasaluhan kami. If he doesn’t know terms I’m gonna let him know. If may pagkukulang din ako sa mga sinasabi ko, sinasalo lang rin niya ako.”






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