No more waiting for Thompson to make it happen for Perpetual

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Jun 19, 2016 07:58 PM
No more waiting for Thompson to make it happen for Perpetual
NEW ERA. Nic Omorogbe wants to see more team play now that Perpetual doesn't have Scottie Thompson to do everything.

HOW’D THEY DO LAST SEASON? 11-7, sixth place

YES, THEY’RE STILL HERE: Bright Akhuetie, AJ Coronel, Gab Dagangon, Prince Eze

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY: Nic Omorogbe, Daryl Singontiko

GOOD LUCK ON FUTURE ENDEAVORS: Aric del Rosario, Scottie Thompson

From last season, University of Perpetual Help only lost one player from their regular rotation.

The only problem is, that one player just so happens to be Scottie Thompson – who did anything and everything for their regular rotation.

With “Mr. Triple-double” now in the professional ranks, the Altas will have to find other sources for double-digit points, double-digit rebounds, double-digit assists, as well as a smattering of steals. As first-time head coach Nic Omorogbe put it, “In the past, the other players were used to just watch and wait for Scottie. Now, I keep telling them we need to get everybody involved.”

He then continued, “For us to be successful, I will need my players to trust the system and their teammates.”

Without a doubt, the Nigerian mentor has a tall task ahead of him, not only tapping into his talented lineup’s full potential, but also replacing the legendary Aric del Rosario.

Making things easier, however, is the fact that del Rosario was Omorogbe’s coach when the latter was Perpetual’s reinforcement during the former’s first years in Las Pinas.

Still, the former foreign student is full aware that he and all of the Altas are undergoing a transition. “Although we have some old players, this is still a brand new team,” he said.

Those old players Omorogbe is talking about include the Nigerian reinforcement tandem of Bright Akhuetie and Prince Eze, scoring wingman Gab Dagangon, as well as a couple of newbies in Daryl Singontiko and Jonathan Yuhico. Without a doubt, even now without Thompson, that core remains capable of contending.

Second-year center Akhuetie, now expected to do even heavier lifting, echoed his new coach’s sentiments in saying, “We’re a work in progress. We still have so many things to work on.”

That doesn’t mean, however, that Perpetual aren’t determined to make a return into the Final Four. “We are very, very confident about our chances,” he expressed.


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