COURTSIDE DIARY: 5 Funny Things That Happened to me in NCAA Season 91

Roxanne Montealegre on Jun 27, 2016 04:01 PM
5 Funny Things That Happened to me in NCAA Season 91
This proves that NCAA basketball fans (or teams) have no chill.

Being a courtside reporter for the oldest collegiate league in the country means that you get exposed to every aspect of the game, from the teams, the players, and of course, the fans! 

Roxanne Montealegre shares some of her most memorable moments during NCAA Season 91! 


1. When someone surprised me with a live twitter question asking if I had a boyfriend. Bracing myself to answer a rather serious question, I was caught off guard and so I said, “Unfortunately, I have a boyfriend. (Gasp) But fortunately for me!!!”
2. When I was able to convince Coach Atoy Co to twerk and his team captain Josan Nimes to Nae Nae for our Instagram Taekover with the Mapua Cardinals.


3. When I interviewed the “Mamon Girl” who apparently was a student of Lyceum and ulitmately started the viral videos on how to be a “pa bebe.”
4. When I asked a former teammate to share his fondest memories with Volleyball Coach Roger of SSCR and then narrated live on how he never saw Coach take showers after the games.
5. When stand-up comedian Ryan Rems came to the second Letran vs San Beda finals game. Enough said.

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