LOOK! NCAA's Polish female referee makes her husband proud

ABS-CBN Sports on Jul 29, 2016 08:13 PM
LOOK! NCAA's Polish female referee makes her husband proud
It was an "Awww" moment not normally seen in basketball games.

You already know the adage, behind every great man is a woman. But who's behind a great woman?

Well, if you were tuned in to the Arellano University-College of St. Benilde thrashing earlier where the Chiefs won, 70-59, to keep the Blazers winless, you should've seen a beam of blonde hair running up and down the court on the corner of your TV screens.

That's because Polish referee Agnieszka "Aga" Drabik made her NCAA officiating debut. The 29-year-old referee was pulled aside by our courtside reporter Roxanne Montealegre during halftime to introduce her to everyone.

NCAA commentator Andrei Felix asked our lovely referee if she had a boyfriend. "Actually [I already have a] husband," she answered, which caused a stir of semi-awkward laughs from our reporters.

Turns out, Aga's husband was watching her all along, he was even taking a video of the halftime interview, Andrei Felix making his move included. Oops.


And her husband, Tomasz Kawa, was proud, to say the least, as per his tweet and Facebook post.


We took the liberty to translate his tweet (which may not be that accurate since we're just Google-translating here:

"Meanwhile, my wife is on Philippine TV,  refereeing a basketball game," the tweet says. While his Facebook post says he had to go home just to see his wife on the screen.

So as it turns out, behind a great woman like Agniezska, is a proud husband willing to record a shaky video of his wife's 48-minutes of fame, and tweet about it.

You go, Tomasz and Agnieszka!

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