Akhuetie shares secret to always keeping cool

Norman Lee Benjamin Riego on Aug 02, 2016 04:36 PM
Akhuetie shares secret to always keeping cool
ZEN MASTER. Bright Akhuetie isn't let anyone get into his head.

University of Perpetual Help and Emilio Aguinaldo College engaged each other in a defensive struggle that saw the two teams miss 91 of their 135 shots all in all.

Right in the middle of the battle of attrition were the Altas’ Bright Akhuetie and the Generals’ Sidney Onwubere – both inside operators who were more than capable of imposing their will on their opponents.

Without a doubt, something had to give between them on Tuesday and as such, there were more than a few times when they got up close and personal with each other.

Asked about his intimate interactions with Onwubere, Ahuetie said, “He was just being himself and saying stuff. I always expect that every game because they try to do everything to make me lose my mind.”

While he didn’t at all back down, Perpetual’s powerhouse still stayed far away from any extra-curricular activities that may have led to penalties. In fact, despite all the physicality, he only had three fouls in 28 minutes of action.

This actually wasn’t surprising considering the Nigerian’s reputation as even-keeled. But just how does he do it, especially with how foreign student-athletes have to deal with even more physicality from their opponents?

Putting it simply, he responded, “First of all, I have too many people looking up to me to make mistakes. What I want is for my team to win.”

He then continued, “What if I lose my cool and they take me out of the game? I’m supposed to be there to help my team so I just have to put myself together and let the refs do their job.”

Indeed, thus far in his now two-year career in the NCAA, Akhuetie is yet to be slapped with a technical foul.

For his part, however, Onwubere said it was Akhuetie who started everything between them. FULL STORY HERE.


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