Yankie Haruna took a nasty fall at the dunk contest for Benilde

ABS-CBN Sports on Aug 13, 2016 03:49 PM
Yankie Haruna took a nasty fall at the dunk contest for CSB
THIS IS FOR YOU! Now that's what you call a team player.

The College of Saint Benilde finally got a win.

Yes, the Blazers, who have fallen flat on a 0-9 record at the NCAA Season 92 Men's Basketball Tournament, got a much-needed victory yesterday at the San Juan Arena.

And they have their high-flying guard, Yankie Haruna to thank.

Risking life and limb, Haruna did all he could to represent his team and his school this season at the All Star festivities last Friday.

The New Jersey native breezed through to the final round of the NCAA Season 92 Slam Dunk competition.

In his first attempt in the finals, Yankie attempted to dunk over three people. 

As absurd as that may sound, he nearly got the dunk to go.

Haruna planted his left hand on one of his teammate’s shoulders as he vaulted through the air, but momentum shifted his weight a little too early, sending him plummeting down the hardcourt.

The floor quaked a little as he hit it. The fall drew some gasps and shrieks from the fans  in the packed San Juan Arena. 


Everything was fine, though. 

Without wasting precious time, Yankie stood up, dusted himself off and went to the three-point line to attempt another dunk.

In his second dunk, Haruna sought the help of another tough competitor, ONE FC Champ, Brandon “The Truth” Vera. 

Yankie leapt over the 6’4 Vera before throwing it down with both hands.

Yankie went on to become the new NCAA Slam Dunk Champion with that dunk, out-dueling the lanky, 6’9 bet of San Beda, Eugene Toba at the Slam Dunk competition in the finals, also avenging his second place finish at the same event last year.

You’ve earned it, Yankie, For you, and for Benilde!

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